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What Not to Do When Buying a Property in Spain

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Many articles on buying in Spain are full of the positives, enticing you to go ahead without forewarning of any potential problems. Buyers cannot expect in a different country, even if another European country, to have the same legal system and processes as their own country and it is essential to use a professional, experienced conveyancer in order to avoid... Read more »

Pets After Brexit

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Can you travel with your Pet into the UK after Brexit? What happens your pet after Brexit? The British Government has issued advice to pet owners planning to enter the UK with their pet in the case of a hard Brexit. The three scenarios related to Spanish Solutions clients are: 1. people going on holiday in Great Britain with your... Read more »

Spain is officially the Healthiest Country in the World

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We always know moving to Spain was good for your health, now according to Bloomberg, its official. Maybe it’s something in paella, the lack of stress, the sunshine or the social life, but Spain just surpassed Italy and now is the world’s healthiest country. It’s all according to the 2019 edition of the Bloomberg Healthiest Country Index, a ranking of... Read more »

Do you have a Home Alarm?

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Securitas Direct might be a good idea. Spanish Solutions can save you 100 euro, on top of the best price. This is a non-paid ad for Securitas direct!!  We recently had a home alarm system fitted by Securitas direct. I´ll give more details later in the post but the important thing is that they told me if we have clients... Read more »

Should I change my British driving licence to a Spanish one?

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Attention: British people resident in Spain without a Spanish licence. Like so much of the unknown out there about British people living in Spain post Brexit, we have enquiries every day about the UK driving licence. This is fairly black and white. If you live in Spain, have your Residencia and do not have a Spanish licence, you should get... Read more »

Act Now to Save Inheritance Taxes

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People are asking for clarity on the donation tax and inheritance tax rules and why they should act now! Brexit is coming, (we think). Absolutely nobody can predict how the landscape will look in March, but what we know for sure is: A property owner in some regions of Spain can donate their home to a family member for as... Read more »

New European Ruling Simplifies Exchange of Public Documents

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A new EU regulation 2016/1191 by the European Parliament is going to greatly simplify the exchange of public documents between member states in the future. It comes into force as at the 16th February 2019, with the aim of easing the free circulation of citizens in Europe by simplifying the requirements of presenting certain documents within the EU. For example, currently,... Read more »

Valencian Residents not to lose Healthcare post Brexit

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There is no danger of any British losing their Valencian citizenship of basic right of healthcare the Valencian President Ximo Puig(from the Socialist Party PSOE) has stated this week. He said that the healthcare assistance is universal and free for the 71,000 British Residents of the Valencian Community and is in no danger because of the exit of the UK... Read more »

Returning to Live In The UK

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If you have decided to return permanently in the UK having been a Resident, then there are certain things that you need to be aware of, and to do.  We can also assist with returning to other countries to live. Please talk to us about your individual circumstances. Firstly, of course, we can help with you with the legal work... Read more »

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