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Law, Tax, Property advice for expats in Spain.  Do you have a property related business in your home country? Are you a real estate professional, (or even a start up) accountant, lawyer or financial advisor? Do you need someone on the ground in Spain to assist your clients with conveyancing, tax and Spanish law.  Are you losing deals in Spain... Read more »

“Gota Fría” – Insurance Claim. Please share. Urgent.

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This is just a quick post for all those affected by the terrible storms Thursday and Friday. You may have found out already that PROBABLY your home insurance IS NOT REALLY GOING TO COVER YOU. If this is the case, it is very important that you are aware and make others aware that the general Insurance Consortium (Consorcio de Seguros)... Read more »

Is your company in Spain actually “selling”?

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Sales in Spain.  Do you own a business in spain? Are you actually selling or just reacting to enquiries? I ́ve had quite a few experiences with sales teams in Spain recently; the average result is well, average. I spoke to two different sectors last week; A Cross fit gym in Torrevieja and a BMW garage about why they struggle... Read more »

Handing The Keys Back To The Bank

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giving property back

Do you own a property in Spain in negative equity? Maybe Spanish Solutions can help.  We can help surrender your property back to the bank. This email came from Bob, who we are assisting to get out of the debt he has with his Spanish bank. From: BobDeane@·······.com Sent: 27 August 2019 13:59 To: Equiries Subject: negative equity Hello, We... Read more »

Buying a brand new property in Spain anytime soon?

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Are you thinking of buying a brand new property in Spain anytime soon? We have written extensively on how Spanish Solutions can help you to avoid the pitfalls many of those who bought in Spain suffered. The first step is to find your trusted law office in Spain as soon as you can. If you contact a company like Spanish... Read more »

Looking for a Property in Spain?

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buying property spain

On my return from Summer holidays, I was asked by a friendly non-European at Madrid airport if I lived in Spain. When responding in the affirmative, he asked if I could give some advice to a foreigner looking to diversify from property investment in his country. As a legal adviser, property and businesses are not my area of specialisation but... Read more »

Hello September

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Hello September, my favourite month in Spain. Yes, there is a flurry of activity at the beginning, back to schools, work, maybe Summer visitors still arriving but basically all is calm again and routine after Summer madness.  It is a time that we should feel refrehshed and just like at the start of a New Year, full of energy. You... Read more »

Looking for creative ways to sell your home in Spain?

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Assisted sales might be the answer: you can use an investor’s cash, to help sell your property in Spain. Why not allow an investor to spend their money refurbishing your property? It makes it easier for you to sell your Spanish home quickly. Better still, you’ll probably get a substantially higher price. You just share the upside with the investor!... Read more »

Steps involved in a Bare Ownership in Spain

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It is a form of equity release that is proving to be very popular in France, Italy and the UK. Now, bare ownership is becoming very popular with Spanish property owners too.  What is it?  With bare ownership, the property owner sells their home to an investor who will either be a family member, or a complete stranger. A family member... Read more »

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