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Brexit can help British people living in Spain

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Brexit hasn’t gone away, unfortunately, it’s just resting. The six-month extension agreed with Britain and the European Union last week could turn out to be a grand opportunity for British people living in Spain. Two things especially need to be done  – get your inheritance tax bill reduced to as low as ZERO, plus if you are waiting until after... Read more »

Purchasing Property in Spain

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Purchasing property can often seem like a daunting process. You should look for a team who are very experienced . Our legal team prepares all. the paperwork. You can relax knowing we make buying a property as easy and stress-free as possible. We double check the legalities of the property purchase. Also provide advice and legal contracts between both parties and translation in the Notary.... Read more »

Business opportunity in Spain – An English School

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Are you moving to Spain? And setting up a business? Maybe opening an English school franchise is an option. Spanish Solutions can help. Here is an idea you might like:- Spanish Solutions recently met with members of the Helen Doron team in Cuenca, near to Madrid.  Helen Doron could be a perfect fit for those looking to get involved in a... Read more »

Private Medical Insurance

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The world of private medical insurance can be baffling, with so many different policies to choose from how can you decide which is the right one for you and your family? Fundamentally those who have health insurance while they are living in another country usually have it to ease the language barrier, for speed of access to a medical team,... Read more »

Spanish Income Taxes for Residents

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Spain’s fiscal/tax year is the natural calendar year. Income taxes in Spain should be paid between May 1 and June 30 for the previous year’s income (so this May/June for 2018). With a DNI or NIE, you can apply for a Número de Identidad Fiscal (NIF) in order to pay your taxes in Spain. Tax residents will need to pay... Read more »

Can Working Time Include Time Spent Travelling to Work

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There has recently been an interesting case in the Supreme Court of Spain regarding time spent by workers travelling. In this particular case it related to in-home carers and them travelling between their home and their clients; when they started and when they finished. It was a Class (Group) Action filed initially in the Castile and Leon Courts (actually the High... Read more »

Important – Non Resident Tax

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A reminder for those who were never advised by their previous solicitors, and have not spoken to an accountant, that it is law that all non residents that have a property in Spain pay non resident income tax each year. It is not expensive and nor is it too difficult to arrange with someone who knows how to submit this... Read more »

What Not to Do When Buying a Property in Spain

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Many articles on buying in Spain are full of the positives, enticing you to go ahead without forewarning of any potential problems. Buyers cannot expect in a different country, even if another European country, to have the same legal system and processes as their own country and it is essential to use a professional, experienced conveyancer in order to avoid... Read more »

Pets After Brexit

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Can you travel with your Pet into the UK after Brexit? What happens your pet after Brexit? The British Government has issued advice to pet owners planning to enter the UK with their pet in the case of a hard Brexit. The three scenarios related to Spanish Solutions clients are: 1. people going on holiday in Great Britain with your... Read more »

Spain is officially the Healthiest Country in the World

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We always know moving to Spain was good for your health, now according to Bloomberg, its official. Maybe it’s something in paella, the lack of stress, the sunshine or the social life, but Spain just surpassed Italy and now is the world’s healthiest country. It’s all according to the 2019 edition of the Bloomberg Healthiest Country Index, a ranking of... Read more »

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