Yoga on the Southern Costa Blanca


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Yoga on the Southern Costa Blanca

If you are looking for a yoga centre on the Southern Costa Blanca, we highly recommend the 5 Elements Reiki and Yoga centre in Campoamor.

Personally, if I could go back in time to give advice to my younger self, I would tell myself that starting yoga early is a wise decision. It would be of benefit to me all my life, instead of only beginning to practise yoga in middle age. (yes, I am going to maintain that “I am middle-aged”).

Research shows that practising yoga can keep us healthy, flexible and help to ward off illnesses, as well as aiding a calmer mental state and a greater awareness of our bodies.

5 Elements Reiki and Yoga Centre is owned by Serena and Graham Morris, who had a private clinic in the UK together for 5 years and have practised together here for over 8 years.

Serena became a yoga teacher after many years as a Reiki master, Shiatsu practitioner and a specialist in complementary therapies. Not only does the Centre have a special air of peace and magic, but also Serena’s name is perfect for her, as she too emits true serenity and peace. Her classes help her students of yoga to correct posture, free their energy from blockages, and no matter what someone´s size or level of fitness, she adapts the yoga to suit you. She has different daily classes for all levels, and it is possible to just book for when you are out in Spain on holiday.  After many of the classes, there is half an hour´s additional meditation class, which is incredibly relaxing. 

Serena offers many different classes, together with various workshops and also a course on teaching yoga. Please see their website for all that they offer.

Graham specialises in hypnotherapy and Psychotherapy and helps people to make positive changes and to move forward with their lives.
He has a wealth of experience in helping people cope with stress, anxiety, phobias and depression, addictions and much more.
He is also a qualified life coach and uses the most up-to-date techniques including neuro-linguistic programming ensuring
his clients have a positive outcome in the shortest possible time.

He describes hypnosis as that altered state of consciousness that we all get at times, for example, when engrossed in a book, or when our minds are suddenly far away. Hypnotherapy is very powerful as when you are able to access your subconscious mind and your inner resources, you can resolve conflicts and make the changes you want. It can help you take back control of your life and become more relaxed, confident and happier. Graham´s role as a therapist is to guide someone into hypnosis and help them discover their inner resources, so they can resolve whatever problems or issues they may have.

When you make an appointment with Graham, you will be offered a free consultation, which is 30 minutes. After this, there are payable follow up treatments that will last an hour. During the first stage, he will discuss your needs and requirements so that a plan of action can be devised to suit someone´s needs.

In the first session, he will give an assessment of how much improvement someone can expect and how many sessions may be needed. In a hypnotherapy Session, you will feel pleasantly relaxed as though you are in a trance-like dreamy state, just the way you would feel before falling asleep when you are totally relaxed but fully aware of everything around you. You are neither asleep nor fully awake. However, you will most likely hear and remember everything that was said to you during hypnosis as you are in a state of increased awareness, so it is not at all scary In this state your mind is more receptive to making beneficial changes.

You will picture as a daydream the things that are being spoken of, and you may vividly experience associated pleasant feelings. You will always remain in control. Coming round after hypnosis you will be returned to full wakeful awareness and functionality. At this stage you may discuss the experiences you have had during the session and Graham will help you.

One of their reviews on the facebook site says “My mum, sister and I recently went on a trip to Spain and on our first morning came across this beautiful ‘Haven’ which resulted in us doing morning Yoga classes, Reiki and wonderful massages. Serena is an amazing person, instructor and an inspiration to be around. We eagerly look forward to our next trip to repeat this wonderful experience.”  This really sums up the experience that you will find should you visit this lovely centre.

Their facebook page is and contact details are Address: 03189 Castillo de Don Juan, Campoamor, Alicante.  Email:
Phone: 966 77 48 82

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