No Win No Fee


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No Win No Fee

 No Win No Fee – The Proper Way

Here I describe what No Win No Fee is and why you should hire a solicitor like ours for a compensation claim. You may have given up all hope of doing anything about a legal issue. But we can help you and you should do something about it before your rights expire, as some cases have time limits.

Many people need a solicitor in Spain to get redress for issues such as an injury after an accident, investigating a medical negligence case or for an employment case. But they often do not do anything about it because of the language difficulty, or they do not understand their rights, or they cannot afford the legal fees.

Why use us? Our solicitor speaks English fluently, we can look at the chances of your claim free of charge, and we can offer the usual path for a legal case, or a “No Win No Fee” or Conditional Fee option. You can have confidence with us, we are serious and professional, we know what we are doing, and above all, we like to help people.

Maybe you are short of funds, and looking back on an event which cost you a lot of money and was not your fault, and that you could do with right now. It may have been an issue with your employer, a negligence case by a Bank, a medical case, a problem with an insurance company or perhaps misrepresentation by a professional firm.

No Win No Fee, when it is done right, is perfect for those of you who don´t have the spare cash to see justice, and pay Court costs and barrister fees in advance. Think back; is there something which is still really annoying you that you could resolve with our help, without having to pay for it until you get the money back?

If you had written off the loss of income or funds anyway, then isn´t it worth seeing if a No Win No Fee option is possible? You will not have to spend anything and can still have a chance of recovering the funds you lost by being injured in a car accident that was not your fault, a fall in a supermarket car park, your employer sacking you for no reason, or perhaps a problem with a Bank investment?

We should mention that No Win No Fee is not a way to get revenge on a neighbour by taking them to Court, nor just for free legal advice; it is for issues that have had real consequences for you and it has to be something whereby you have suffered economic repercussions. We are starting to do this as we have had a number of people who cannot afford to pay the costs of legal action for big cases in advance.

When done properly, you will NOT pay upfront fees (even though in Spain it is usual to have to pay Court fees in advance, and the concept of legal aid does not really exist). We advance these fees. But we do have certain requirements, one being the claim has to be for more than 30,000€ or thereabouts. If you win, (and we do not proceed unless confident), you just pay a “Success fee” to us of the damages awarded. Perfectly fair, and everything would be detailed in a proper agreement worded in English.

Please think, do you have an issue that you decided not to do anything about. What are you waiting for? We can help. Contact Amanda or 00 34 966760917.

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