Pride of Spain and Tasha’s Mitochrondial treatment


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Pride of Spain and Tasha’s Mitochrondial treatment

Last Friday, Janet Campbell attended the Costa Blanca People Pride of Spain event to present the prize we were sponsoring of “Fundraiser of the Year”.

Many years ago I used to be in charge of Philanthropy for a British bank, which is why I chose that particular award for us to sponsor this year´s event. I am so delighted that Ian Comaskey is philanthropic, and through his generosity, we donated a 500€ gift voucher for a raffle to win a holiday through WH Travel at La Zenia to raise proceeds for Tasha’s Mitochondrial treatment (see below).

Firstly, thank you to Janet for attending the event and presenting the Fund Raiser Award alongside Tasha´s father, Andy, thank you to all of those who voted for us three years ago now as Business of the year, and to Ian for his generosity.

These are the current winners of the Pride of Spain 2017:

Young Achiever – Zoe Connolly – the World Champion for the half ocean man sea swimming championships (who swims to Tabarca and back from the mainland as her practice!)
Business of the Year – Clinica Mejórate – A couple of physio clinics dedicated to alleviating pain
Employee of the Year – Alison Massingham – UK supplies known for helping customers purchase quality British products
Fundraiser of the Year – Yvonne Walker – Yvonne works tirelessly on behalf of many charities and fundraises approx 10,000 euros per year.
Teacher of the Year – Rebecca Weeden – London Idiomas – also running through the Summer months
Community spirit – Playa Flamenca Walking Football Club – a great social outlet and also for fundraising
Special Recognition – Restaurant Catorce – for again their fundraising efforts
Lifetime achievement – Norah Bond – Norah has championed the rights of expats for years and established numerous charities.

Tasha´s Mitochrondial Treatment

Tasha is Natasha Lynch, a lovely young lady, from Liverpool, who in the year of 2013 was working as a holiday rep with kids in hotels abroad, loving her life. In November 2013, she came home from Egypt to Liverpool with a sore throat, not unusual and she ignored it, but in January 2014 she woke up with a fever, sweating, stiff neck and a bad headache. She was diagnosed with viral meningitis and told she would recover fully, but she continued with nerve pain from meningitis, and headaches. Suffering so badly, she was unable to work and had to move to Alicante to be cared for by her father, Andy, and her stepmother. Her symptoms continued to worsen and she spent time in the hospital but the agonising migraines continued, then after a bad one 5 months later, her left eye would no longer open, and in June 2015 she was diagnosed with myasthenia gravis. This is a condition that causes a communication breakdown between nerves and muscles. It meant that Tasha would have difficulty walking, talking, and breathing.

Medication helped at first but 6 months later Tasha woke up struggling to breathe and was rushed to Intensive Care. He body shut down after the weeks in the hospital and she was diagnosed with degenerative myelopathy, a debilitating spinal disease, which meant she became paralysed from the waist down. Now Tasha has had five more Intensive care stays, she has lost her voice and has a tracheotomy and ventilator. She cannot eat solids and her left eye is permanently closed. She cannot walk or talk. Every so often she needs resuscitation because her lungs fail.

However, Tasha is still fighting, hard, as she found out that there is a treatment in the US called mitochrondial treatment, which would slow down the progression of the disease. It costs more than 200,000 pounds.  The UK and Spanish governments will not fund this, so Tasha is fearlessly fundraising with her family and so far has raised over 32,000 pounds. She continues to raise actively online and to write for magazines and articles all she can.  You can see here in this link and in the article excerpt I have posted above:

Comaskey and Spanish Solutions’ prize increased that total just a bit further for Tasha (not yet included), and we wish her all the best for the future and we hope that she may eventually gain some enjoyable years of her 20´s.

Amanda Thomas

  • Note: the holiday voucher was won by Donna Lowman of Right Move Insurance, who many of you know.

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