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We have tried to show you in a few case studies the type of work we can do and how we can find solutions to problems. They say a problem shared is a problem halved so try us with yours, and you never know, we just might be able to help. Likewise if you need some information, we will do our best to help you…

Case Study – How to get a SIP card (Medical care in Spain)

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We recently received a similar enquiry to this:- “Hi, I have lived in Spain for just over 2 years. I have an EHIC card from England which will expire on June 2020. Am I able to get medical assistance just using this card and my passport in medical centres? I have ongoing health problems and am retired. I will be 68… Read more »

CASE STUDY – Selling a Property

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A few days ago we received a similar enquiry to this regarding selling a property. “Good afternoon, We are three sisters from the UK who jointly own a 3-bedroom property on a community in Playa Flamenca. We inherited the property from our mother and the ownership of the property was legally transferred into our names in 1996 by a Spanish notary… Read more »

CASE STUDY – Importation/Plate Transfer

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We received an email this morning which may be of interest to some of you wondering about the same thing; importing a vehicle to Spain or changing a vehicle to Spanish plates. We are always happy to help with these enquiries and are very experienced in them. Re: Importation/ Plate Transfer Hello Amanda, I found your details from your website…. Read more »

CASE STUDY – Spanish Road Tax

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ROAD TAX IN SPAIN WHAT DO YOU HAVE TO PAY FOR YOUR CAR? All Spanish-registered vehicle owners (including motorcycle owners) must pay an annual road tax. The amount of tax payable varies with the ‘fiscal horsepower’ ( potencia fiscal or caballos fiscales) of your car, which is a nominal amount not necessarily related to the engine power of a vehicle…. Read more »

CASE STUDY – Building Licences

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Before you alter your property in any way at all you should first check if anything is written on the subject in your Title Deeds (Escritura). Depending on the alterations or improvements you intend to make, you may have to discuss your plans with your Community of Owners and obtain their permission. Then you may need official permission. These permissions… Read more »

CASE STUDY – What is a “Padron” in Spain?

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I have heard people say “What is this Padron, and do I need one?” What is it? Well, Padron is short for empadronamiento, and it is a certificate given to justify that you live in Spain on a more or less permanent basis. This allows the local government to calculate how many people are living in an area and helps… Read more »

CASE STUDY – What is Non-Resident tax in Spain?

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It still amazes us that people come in here sometimes and we ask them about their non-resident tax as they are a home owner in Spain, living abroad, and they look blank. So what is the situation? For example, Mr Jones has taken the plunge earlier this year and moved out to Spain for some time on his own. He… Read more »

CASE STUDY – 2nd Licence of First Occupation

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A Licence of First Occupation is granted when a house is first built in order to prove it is in a habitable state. In some regions of Spain, including our region, the Valencia region, a 2nd Occupation Licence is also required at times, such as when selling (especially as utility contracts will need to be changed), or for when doing… Read more »

CASE STUDY – NIE Certificate

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We received a web enquiry not long ago. “Good morning, I have just bought a car from a dealer and been told I need a tax identification number, is this correct? “ So what is this NIE number? All foreigners with any kind of possible fiscal (tax) obligations here in Spain are required to obtain a foreigner’s identity number, called… Read more »

CASE STUDY – Buying a property From a Friend Or Acquaintance

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A couple came into our office the other day and explained that they wanted to purchase a property from a friend. We advised that the first thing that they need to do is make sure a contract is drawn up between them and the sellers regarding the property. This should detail all the terms and the paperwork that the seller… Read more »

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