Valencian Residents not to lose Healthcare post Brexit


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Valencian Residents not to lose Healthcare post Brexit

There is no danger of any British losing their Valencian citizenship of basic right of healthcare the Valencian President Ximo Puig(from the Socialist Party PSOE) has stated this week. He said that the healthcare assistance is universal and free for the 71,000 British Residents of the Valencian Community and is in no danger because of the exit of the UK from the EU.

There are around 71,000 British holders of SIP cards he advised, most of which live along the Alicante coast and as well as this about 100,000 each year need medical assistance on holiday, from the 3 million of annual tourists visiting the Valencian Community, 89% in the region of Alicante.

Puig states that the Community receives some 75 millions of euros compensation from the UK in return for the health care claims. In the even of the worst case scenario and a hard no deal Brexit, the President has insisted that the residents of Alicante, Castellón and Valencia will maintain the rights of the Valencianos.

He added that the Valencian government (the “Generalitat”) has the power to form an independent agreement with the UK, where there are 10,000 Valencianos living, to carry on with the economic healthcare exchange.  He has reiterated that the right to healthcare in the Valencian Community is universal.

The Valencian Government has a contingency plan in place to help in three areas (tourist, agricultural and industrial), particularly for Valencian companies in the event of problems through a hard Brexit.  So far there has been some damage to the car and shoe industry, but as yet nothing to the tourist industry, which had a good year in 2018.


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