Real estate agents based abroad have more reasons to use Spanish Solutions.


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What having a legal collaborator in Spain can do for your Real Estate business.



Are you an estate agent based outside of Spain? 

Finding the right law collaborators might be the most important thing you do for your company and your clients! 


Many estate agent first begin their search for a collaborator in Spain by searching for an estate agent. 

We think that the question real estate agents based in Ireland, The UK, Scandinavian, Belgium and Holland ask should be:

“What lawyer in Spain should I collaborate with”? 


Spanish Solutions work with many estate agents, developers, builders and independent agents in the region of the Costa Blanca. Generally they love us because we get more deals done for them than they can ever hope to do themselves.

We are constantly expanding our client list. We are conscious that not only is the individual our client, but the estate agent too is our client. We aim to protect them just as much as we protect everyone else involved in the deal. 


We offer agents and expats services such as:

  • Conveyancing. We arrange the notary appointment and coordinate the deal with all parties involved. We make sure the buyer, seller, the bank, the agents etc are all represented there. 
  • NIE number, power of attorney, wills.
  • Fiscal services. Padron, Residency in Spain, etc
  • Contract checking. We only let your clients sign contracts that we’d allow our Gran to sign! 
  • Tax payments
  • Law options– probate, inheritance issues, donations and even divorce.
  • Court representation. Perhaps your client needs to take legal action in court against someone. Pedro Molina, Barrister, handles our clients legal cases with some terrific success.
  • Financial help. We work with Sabadell and BankInter predominantly, who are getting mortgages for our clients with great rates. (it is one less thing for you to worry about)
  • Rental property services. Your client will need to have a tourism license if they intend to rent their Spanish property; they must pay their taxes; they must make sure the certificate of habitation is valid etc. 
  • No win no fee legal claims. If you or your client has a particular legal issue and we feel we can take it to court and win, then we can offer this service. You pay nothing, if we lose you are not liable for one euro, if we win, we take a pre agreed % of the profits. 

What can we do for an estate agent based abroad?

The services we mention above are just our so called normal day to day activities. There is another side to our services though which our estate agents based aboard really appreciate.

We can get more deals done. Closed deals mean more commission for the agent and more happy clients. 


We are not Spanish estate agents, nor do we ever wish to go back to that business. Ian Comaskey, director at Spanish Solutions, sold his business Comaskey Properties in 2018. The company previously sold 3,500 properties in Spain since 2002 and had sales of over 350 million euro. We know the real estate business but we’re delighted to now find ourselves helping clients and other estate agents to achieve their dreams too. 


We introduce you to agents. Finding a Spanish estate agent to deal with in Spain, one whom you can trust, must be a daunting task for foreign estate agents. Where I’m writing this blog post, on a 4 km stretch from La Zenia to Cabo Roig there are officially 300 estate agents plus a host of “street agents” as the Spanish call them. (The local barber or waiter who recommends his clients to go to a certain agent, in exchange for a kick back can really confuse the market).

Some of these tax compliant agents with real bricks and mortar offices are excellent; some are poor; many are trustworthy; many try to do too much. I always tell my clients they are way better not to use an agent who wants to do the legal work and conveyancing for them too. 

This is not an area to try and save a few euros.


Almost all of the agents in the general Orihuela Costa region, up to Alicante city and down as far as La Manga, have dealt with Spanish Solutions in the past. We can tell you the ones who are a stickler for details, while missing the sale. We can point out the ones who are all about sales, but forget about the contract/licence/tax etc. Depending on who you speak to, God himself is in the details, whereas for other Spanish estate agents the Devil is in the detail. You need to find one right in the middle. 


Can your agent actually sell? 

If you are looking to be a success in the Spanish property sector, you need to know your agent can close your client, without coming across as pushy. As I said, finding the right mix can be a daunting task.

I don’t understand why agents based abroad do not ask their potential collaborating partners for testimonials and references. 

We ́ll help with this and we can tell you what is what when it comes to choosing an agent to deal with in Spain. 


We check your collaboration contracts. 

It’s important that, after you have found the right agent, one you are happy to send your clients to, that you are getting the deal you want. 

In Spain, depending on your involvement, commission splits work anywhere from 10/90 to 60/40. It’s important that our clients understand however the cost associated with the deal and who pays what. 

Are you paying for the clients ́inspection trip? 

Are the sales team ́s costs deducted from the top line amount before you get paid? 

Are you paying for hotels, lunches and petrol? 

All needs to be established early on in the negotiation. 

We get you both to agreement on these issues and have everyone sign the relevant simple collaboration contract. If there is a discussion, we want it to be before the client has paid the deposit. All expectations and responsibilities should be clearly understood by everyone involved. 


We introduce you to builders, and we can tell you the most popular ones to deal with, especially here on the Costa Blanca. Sometimes builders make special offers for our clients. For example Trivee in Villamartin had a few properties left in one particular development last summer. We were told that if we had any buyers, for one of the last three apartments, they would throw in a full furniture package for the client. We told our clients via our newsletter and one family from Belgium bought there and got free furniture, plus white goods! 

In reality, we introduced the buyers to a local estate agent who did the deal while we took care of the legal work. Everyone wins! 

We can tell you about a particular development in Playa Flamenca where the builder is still waiting on planning permission yet agents are selling them like hotcakes. Do you want your client buying that property? We think not. 

We can tell you which builders deliver on time and on budget. 

Often we can advise you which developments we think your client should avoid, and why.


How can we save the property buyer time and money? 

If a client is thinking of buying a property in Spain and they trust you, you are halfway there. The next thing is that they must trust us and trust the system. 

We will introduce them to the team at Spanish Solutions. Lets say its Eva, in our La Zenia office, who is doing their conveyancing. They meet her in person and she can tell them about the 2,000 files she has personally processed. That means 2,000 happy clients.

Think how confident your client will feel when they know that Eva knows everything (almost!) 

We’ll get their NIE number so that they can pay their taxes here.

Perhaps they need a power of attorney so that Eva can sign the deeds in the notary without the client having to come back for completion.

We speak to the bank for them.

We’ll introduce your client to Antonio Martinez Rosique. Officially a technical architect, Antonio and his team in Pilar De La Horadada will ensure your client has a property that is structurally sound and all the parts of the property are legally registered. You don’t want your client buying a house with a pool, that is illegal or an extension which needs to be knocked due to lack of planning permission. 


Tourism licences. Perhaps your client is looking to buy a property in Spain to rent it out? You need a tourism licence in order to comply with the law and we can do it for your client, quickly and at a great price. You don’t want your investor to end up waiting years to get a licence in order to rent their Spanish property. That will ensure no repeat business for you. Had you just checked with Spanish Solutions first, Ana would have been able to tell you whether or not the property is eligible for short term renting. 


Translation service. 

It is easy for us to get legal and effective translators in most languages. In house, we speak English predominantly but the staff are mostly Spanish. They also have a command of French, German and Dutch. Pedro our lawyer studied in Limerick in Ireland so needless to set speaks perfect English and his Scottish born wife, also a lawyer deals with our clients in English too. 

Hiring a Swedish, Danish, Norwegian, Flemish, Polish, Icelandic, Russian or Chinese translator is easy. We do it all the time for our clients. As you can imagine, the Spanish Solutions staff handle the heavy lifting (the apperwork) and the translator can help your client to feel more at home. 


Your clients ́ taxes.

Local taxes, non resident tax, property rental income tax etc all needs to be paid by your clients. We offer terrific service and also terrific value for money for foreigners who need to stay on top of their tax in Spain. 


We ́ll talk to the client before them come to Spain.

If you have a nervous or inexperienced Spanish property client, we ́ll chat to them before they even come to Spain. They may have certain ideas of how the process works but having the advice of an independent voice like Spanish Solutions can really put their mind at ease before they even get on that flight to Spain. 

Peace of mind.

If Spanish Solutions do the deal, it is going to be done properly. Can you imagine the worry a client will feel if they think that you took corners and didn’t use a real law office to get their deal done. 

One way we save so many deals is that clients will ask us questions that they are not willing to ask the agent. 

Is it normal to have to pay an agent? 

Is Brexit going to jeopardize my retirement in Spain?

Can i rent this property once i buy it? 

How do I know I can trust the agent/property seller? 

Is the bank changing us too much? 

How do i save money on foreign exchange?? 

Am I paying two sets of estate agent fees? 

Simple questions for us, we’ve been asked everything over the years that is possible to ask,  but what if the client really does get cold feet? Perhaps they pull out of the deal because they don’t understand a provision of funds, or why the agent wants them to sign a power of attorney? We can talk to them, check that everything is fine and re-talk them through the process. 

The result: The clients gets the right house; there are no nasty surprises; no money is wasted by owner/buyer; the property owner gets a sale; both agents get a commission.

How can we save the foreign estate agent money? 


Don’t travel to Spain. If you don’t want to travel to Spain to spend time with your client every single time, tell us and we’ll arrange everything. We ́ll collect them at the airport, take them to their hotel, liaise with the estate agent you choose and arrange to meet the client when there is a free window. We ́ll get them back to the airport, hopefully as delighted new owners of property in Spain! 

Get more deal across the line. The key to a profitable estate agency in Spain is closing deals. Sounds obvious? Why then do so many deals fall apart? Often it’s due to a lack of follow up and communication between deposit and notary stages.  Because of the numbers of deals we completed since 2005; because of our relaxed yet professional attitude; because of the quality of work we do; you are simply more likely to get more deals completed if you work with us. 

Pay your tax in Spain. Of course paying taxes for your clients in Spain is part of our friendly service. What about you? You are liable for tax on the profits you will hopefully earn while selling property in Spain. We’ll ensure that you pay the right amount, without paying a euro too much. 

We make sure everyone gets paid. If Spanish Solutions are controlling the deal, a large part of our time is taken up with the relevant payments. We may need to write cheques from the buyer to clear off the mortgage, (imagine houses are still sold in Spain where the agent did not properly cancel the mortgage!). We write cheques on behalf of the client to pay tax, to pay the notary. Importantly, we write cheques both for you and the selling agent. You need to get paid, especially assuming your client is delighted with you and your choice of law office in Spain!! You need to get paid on time too. You ́ve done the hard work, make sure you get rewarded for it. 



We are the win/win/win organisation in the middle of many real estate deals in Spain. 

You win, your client wins and the sellers win. 

If you’d like to talk to us about what we can do for you and your clients in Spain, please just ask! We can meet you anywhere in Spain or even in your home office with enough notice. Just ask, generally, nothing is ever too much trouble for us. 


Have you just found the law office you trust to manage your real estate business going forward? 


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