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New European Ruling Simplifies Exchange of Public Documents

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A new EU regulation 2016/1191 by the European Parliament is going to greatly simplify the exchange of public documents between member states in the future. It comes into force as at the 16th February 2019, with the aim of easing the free circulation of citizens in Europe by simplifying the requirements of presenting certain documents within the EU. For example, currently,… Read more »

Residency For British Citizens in Spain and the 3/6 Month Confusion

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From time to time we have clients say to us that on many websites it says after 3 months you must get residency, and on others that after 6 months you are legally resident. This causes a great deal of confusion to those intending to move to Spain (especially prior to Brexit) and wanting to get their paperwork in order. Spanish… Read more »

What unexpected services do we provide?

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1) Legal – I wonder if sometimes people think we mainly deal with administrative bureaucracy such as sorting water, electric and paperwork problems. We do far more than that. We have had a lawyer working with us over ten years, and now have two lawyers working with us. Besides dealing with conveyancing (or the legal assistance when buying or selling… Read more »

Brexit For British Nationals Travelling and Living in Spain

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In recent months meetings have taken place for British living in Spain attended by representatives of the British Consulate. We understand that many things were discussed, the most important being that was for those who live in Spain full time, if you are a resident, and on the Padron, which is the equivalent of the electoral roll (Padron should be… Read more »

Guidance for UK Nationals living in Spain Regarding Residency

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Over the past few months, we have seen a greatly increased number of enquiries for people wanting Residency in Spain (Residencia) and all the relevant offices locally currently have backlogs for Residency appointments. This article is to advise you that it is important that all clients who do not have Residencia and padron and need them should obtain them before 29th of… Read more »

Registering on the Padron

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What is the padron? It is a list of all the people who live in a certain town. Who should register? Officially all residents in Spain are required by law to register on the padron, yet many British expats still have not done so. Perhaps some view the padron as a means of vigilance by the state, in ‘big-brother’ fashion…. Read more »

Buying & Setting up a business here in Spain

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Buying a business in Spain can be a very exciting and challenging prospect, as well as being a big step, it can be very time consuming so make sure you have all of the information you need. As a foreigner, your new business really needs to be aimed at other foreigners or holidaymakers, as the Spanish do not usually patronise… Read more »

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