Do you have a Home Alarm?


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Do you have a Home Alarm?

Securitas Direct might be a good idea. Spanish Solutions can save you 100 euro, on top of the best price.

This is a non-paid ad for Securitas direct!!  We recently had a home alarm system fitted by Securitas direct. I´ll give more details later in the post but the important thing is that they told me if we have clients looking to get a home alarm system fitted, they will give a minimum of 100 euro off the best advertised price. Online they are offering 200 euro off- They will reduce that a further 100 if you mention Spanish solutions to them before you sign up.

Lets start here so- the system we looked at, retails on the website for 1,300 euro. Maybe it was a special deal they did for us in exchange for advertising them (really, there was no obligation) but we ended up paying under 400 euro when they applied the various discounts. I pay 45 euro per month for the 24-hour connection to the emergency centre.

The main problem with them is that the salespeople only speak Spanish- setting up the initial appointment was a bit of a disaster but I´m sure the girls in Spanish Solutions would help you with this. That’s a little hassle, but its worth it if you can get this sort of price.

Anyway, in our particular system, we got movement sensors for front door, back door, upstairs and a few door opening detectors- (sorry for the lack of tech speak).

We also got an outside motion sensor- It recognises Messi the dog and will only sound if we have an intruder.

The main bedroom is where the control panel is and that’s very cool too. For example, if we have an unwanted guest, we can give them a code word to say we need help. The Securitas van drives around Cabo Roig all night so they guarantee someone will be with us within 10 minutes. With the same SOS system, If someone is sick, they call the ambulance and they have saved lives for sure, as advertised on their website.
Another thing- (again sorry about the lack of tech terms, but all the information is in Spanish) the alarm is fitted with an anti-inhibitor. Basically, the bad guys cannot block the alarm – if they do that, the police are notified as if its blocked, clearly someone is up to no good!

The alarm system we signed up for is Sentinel anti-inhibition alarm from Securitas Direct. It is always connected, even when the electricity goes out or the wifi is down.

Last thing: There is a further control panel in the hall way. In the case the sensors detect a signal of inhibition of the alarm, or a shock to the windows, (like someone trying to break in) or any environmental danger, it sends a signal to the 24 hour monitoring centre. (environmental dangers include a sudden rise in temperature, excessive humidity or poor air quality. It basically a fancy fire alarm).

That sounds like a badly written ad for a Spanish alarm company, but I thought it was worth sharing the bones of the story.

You can naturally go direct to the website and it´ll all make more sense- Even in Spanish!!

If you´d like Spanish Solutions to call to set up your in-home analysis- they´ll be happy to do so. You don’t pay us anything and we´ll make sure you get all the discounts that we did too.


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