Spain is officially the Healthiest Country in the World


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Spain is officially the Healthiest Country in the World

We always know moving to Spain was good for your health, now according to Bloomberg, its official.

Maybe it’s something in paella, the lack of stress, the sunshine or the social life, but Spain just surpassed Italy and now is the world’s healthiest country.

It’s all according to the 2019 edition of the Bloomberg Healthiest Country Index, a ranking of 169 economies. They analyse factors that contribute to overall health and saw Spain moved to top spot having been placed sixth in the previous survey, in 2017.

Other European nations amongst the top 10 in 2019 were Iceland (3rd), Switzerland (5th), Sweden (6th) and Norway in ninth. Japan was the healthiest Asian nation.

The UK and Ireland rank a disappointing 19/20.

The index grades all nations based on variables such as life expectancy. It also imposes penalties on risks such as tobacco use and obesity. Smoking is still a major cause of early mortality in Spain but even so, the results are a great vote of confidence on the Spanish way of life.

The survey then takes into consideration environmental factors like access to clean water and sanitation. Sadly, 50% of the waterways in Ireland in 2019 are polluted and unsafe for human consumption.
Spain is forecast by 2014 to have the highest lifespan worldwide, at 86 years, followed by Japan, Singapore and Switzerland. That figure is sourced by University of Washington’s Institute for Health Metrics.

Spain currently has the highest life expectancy at birth among European Union nations. The peninsula trails only Japan and Switzerland globally, so says the United Nations data.

Are you looking for a reason to move to Spain?

Maybe your health might be the reason you ultimately make the move.

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