Documentation Legalisation and Apostilles


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Documentation Legalisation and Apostilles

When legal documents from one country (say for example a UK death certificate) are being used for a process in another country, they require an apostille under the Hague Convention.

This is because all documents issued by a foreign authority (non-Spanish) or foreign Public Notary must be validated according to the correspondent legalisation procedure within the country where the document has been produced, otherwise the authorities in the country where it is to be used would not know that it isĀ  valid.

Many countries belong to an international treaty called “The Hague Convention”. Under this treaty, the legalisation procedure for documents has been standardised by what is known as an “Apostille”. This simply confirms that a signature, seal or stamp appearing on a document is genuine and who they purport to be.

If you need to obtain the Apostille stamp for any document you may need to use in Spain before a Notary Public or other authorities, you can google how to obtain a Hague Apostille in the relevant country or contact us on Often it may be a case that we can also help you with the wider issue at stake, such as a probate procedure or a divorce.

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