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Please see below as we explain how we can introduce you to someone who deals with property inspections.

Most of Spain is currently on ERTE. This is a temporary unemployment benefit which an economist explained to me yesterday is like putting the country into an induced coma. From which we will wake it up from once the conditions are right to do so.

Unemployment in Spain is predicted to hit somewhere around the 20% rate this year. Pablo Hernandez de Cos, the governor of the Bank of Spain released statistics yesterday about SME companies across the country.

80% of them say they have experienced a drop in business, 10% are seeing higher sales and for 10% it is more or less the same. Lucky them! It got us thinking, how can we help more of our clients?

Just because we can not do the work ourselves, we can help you to find self employed people who are allowed to work right now. What services do you need us to find for you? I know of restaurants who deliver pizza, removal vans still working, Spanish teachers doing class via Zoom, tech guys fixing tech problems and gardeners still looking after our clients properties.
A question for our clients: Is this a good idea?

We work closely with a number of self employed estate agents on the Costa Blanca, who are currently allowed to work through the crisis.

Are you worried about your house in Spain?

Have you been burgled?
Have the lights/water been left on?
Has the recent storm done damage?
Are your tenants still there or do you have squatters?
Do you need us to empty out your fridge?
What is the general condition of the house?

Would you like us to ask them to visit and inspect your property here on the Costa blanca?

Spanish Homes Online for one will be delighted to do so, whether or not you already are a client of Spanish Solutions or Adam. They can help with property inspections.

They charge just 49 euro and in return you’ll get a series of photos and/or videos and a short report. So you can see exactly what is going on in your property.

Also, we can help with:

Reconnecting electricity and water if needed.
Paying all your existing bills.
Assisting to deal with non paying tenants.
Speaking to the bank and asking for a mortgage holiday.
Paying non resident tax etc.

Our collaborators are all working so we can help with accounting, law and fiscal issues all across Spain.



  • Quincy felix

    Hola soy Pablo Iglesias mucho años fue a Africa y América ahora estoy en España yo quiero hay a mi casa y yo mi parcial hay otro ocúpate en mi casa y yo non Saba porque por eso yo quiero escribir a la gobernó del departamento ayuntamiento en mi Población…solo cambio mi nombre
    Muchas gracias

    • Nicola Ryan

      Morning Quincy,

      We are unsure how we can help you or what “saba” is please provide more information.

      Kind regards

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