Spanish Reform on Stamp Duty May Lead To Heavier Costs for Borrowers


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Spanish Reform on Stamp Duty May Lead To Heavier Costs for Borrowers

Over the past few months, there has been a great deal of activity in the Courts with regard to stamp duty tax on properties with some hope that clients may be able to claim back  Stamp Duty paid when they obtained their mortgage retrospectively from Banks.

After an unprecedented and ridiculous about turn by the Supreme Court of Judgement of Spain a new law was passed, which decreed that on all new loans after 10th November 2018, the Banks would have to pay the Stamp Duty.

Good news for new borrowers, yes. Not so for the Banks, although better than before the previous decision was overturned due to their lobbying (which said they would have to pay it retrospectively also)

However, we believe that this new reform will lead to possibly banks increasing their commissions or maybe charging upfront fees as they will not want to be footing the bill for this tax long term.

By the way, stamp duty tax on a mortgage is due when a mortgage deed is registered in a public deed at a Notary. The current stamp duty figure in the Valencia region and in the Murcia Region is currently at the time of writing, 1.5% on a mortgage and for division of joint tenancy.

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