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The world of private medical insurance can be baffling, with so many different policies to choose from how can you decide which is the right one for you and your family?

Fundamentally those who have health insurance while they are living in another country usually have it to ease the language barrier, for speed of access to a medical team, quick referrals to specialists if needed and of course to cover their spouses and dependents. Or at the moment in order to gain Residencia. Peace of Mind is also very important in this type of situation where you are dealing with a medical system that is not similar to at home.

Things to note when looking at medical insurance are the excess on policies, the level of cover per person, access to doctors, can you choose which ever one or must you use their listed doctors only. Also declaration of pre existing conditions and what views the companies have on illnesses such as cancer. Other key points should be pregnancy, dental, repatriation, and if the policy covers you outside Spain when you visit your home country.

There are a number of insurers close to our office who do not work with just one medical insurer, they work with a variety of insurers. They have chosen the best the market has to offer aimed specifically at people who live away from their home country for all or part of the year. Each company has a range of plans. We recommend both Ibex Insurance ( and Right Move Insurance (

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