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With all the uncertainty surrounding medical care after Brexit in particular and with the concerns of expats living here, it nice to know that there is an easy way to be covered in Spain.

If you have a work contract here in Spain, and pass the various requirements, you are covered.

What about retired people and those who live here who do not work however?

Great news- you can get full health care here from the Spanish government.  Of course we advise you to talk to us in person where we can give you more details. (please arrange an appointment to come visit us in La Zenia- its always better if you make an appointment in advance thanks).

This scheme promoted by the health board in Spain is aimed at non-Spaniards who have no medical cover in Spain. We have clients who are cancelling their private health insurance and switching over to this scheme too.

Its simple to get covered. Come in and see Gema, she will help you with the paperwork for a small fee. If you are under 65 you pay a monthly quote of 60 euro, if you are over 65, you pay 157 and that is it- you are covered! You can use the medical centres, (Cabo Roig is very popular this time of year with coughs and sneezes). Torrevieja hospital, or should I say the multi award winning Torrevieja hospital, is also included- all public hospitals are.

Naturally, terms and conditions apply, for example this is not for a tummy tuck or anything not covered by the normal public health system.

You need to be living in the Valencia Region of Spain for one year prior to taking the insurance and as you´d expect you need a medical in advance and you need to talk to the doctors about any pre-existing conditions.

Here is what you need to apply:
• NIE number
• Residencia
• Passport
• Padron
• Bank details.

We think this is a fabulous alternative to private medical insurance and of course it is better than not having health cover in Spain.  Please note we do not deal with the Murcia region for this. You can get more information on the Valencia Region  here.

SS Team


  • Marie

    Quetions ok? If we are singaporeans seeking to imigrate to Spain. Is it possible to live tbere first before looking for jobs.

    • Ian C.

      Hello Marie,
      You might be our first ever client form Singapore! Welcome to Spain!!
      So, as far as I´m aware, Singapore is a party to the Schengen Agreement and so is Spain. This means that you May enter Spain for up to 90 days for tourist and/or business purposes without a visa. Your passport of course must be valid for three months beyond the period of stay in Spain.
      I´d need to confirm this, but certainly this is the case for most non europeans we have helped to move to Spain. (Americans, Canadians etc)
      90 days is a really good amount of time to find out where you’d like to live and get a feel for the area. You can of course look for business opportunities, maybe talk to potential employers etc. We are based on the Costa Blanca, near to Alicante city and we love it here.

      If you would like any more advice, please let me know,

      Kind wishes,


  • nicole


    My parents are looking to move to Valencia from Switzerland. My father had some health issues so we want to make sure he will be covered if he moves to Valencia.

    It would be great if you could advise. Would his only option be private health care? If he can get access to public system, will the monthly fee be higher for preexisting conditions?

    Many thanks!!


    • Ian C.

      Hello Nicole,

      Your dad has a load of options. He can apply for a convenio especial, first of all. Basically, The Convenio Especial is a special pay-in health care scheme. Our clients use it often as it allows people in Spain to access state healthcare, just as if they had worked here all their life. In exchange for a monthly fee of 60 – 150 euro approx, you dad will be covered.
      We’d need to find out more about the preexisting condition- I’ll email you privately about this.
      What age is your dad?
      We can investigate private health insurance too of course- we work with a number of providers.
      Bottom line , we can help.

      Kind wishes,


  • Gina Taylor

    What are the costs of obtaining health insurance through your company.

  • Stacey

    Hi, I have moved from murcia(been on padron over 1 year) to valencia in the last month, would this be something that is possible for myself and partner as our private health insurance is due to expire ? Thanks Stacey

    • Nicola Ryan

      Good Morning Stacey,

      Lovely to hear from you.

      You can apply for the “convenio especial” after being resident for 1 year or more. Please see a link below discussing this in more detail.

      Should you wish to proceed, please contact us, and we will get you booked in with Gema to submit the relevant form’s ect.

      Kind regards

  • Kara Gutzwiller

    Hello! My husband and I have public health insurance through the Generalitat Valenciana (we have lived in Spain for several years). For personal / family reasons, we will be leaving Spain and need to discontinue our insurance coverage. Can you advise on how to do this?

    • Nicola Ryan

      Thank you for your enquiry Kara,

      We can help you with this. We need to send a notification to ask that they cancel the Convenio Especial, we will contact you directly to discuss this matter further.

      Kind regards

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