Travel Advice in Spain


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Apply for a free European Health Insurance Card to be able to access emergency medical treatment if non resident: or

Buy travel insurance to help cover unexpected costs e.g. medical bills, stolen belongings etc.

Take enough medication and money to cover any unforeseen extended stays or emergencies.
Don’t keep all money & credit cards together.

Keep a photocopy of your passport somewhere safe and send a scanned version of your passport to your email account.

Drink sensibly, take care driving and let people know if you plan to go off the beaten track

Essential Words
Help! = ¡Socorro!
Look out! = ¡Cuidado!
Ambulance = Ambulancia
Police = Policía
Fire! = ¡Fuego!
Firemen = Bomberos
Do you speak English? = ¿Habla inglés
Emergency Numbers
Ring 112 for emergency services – Ring 902 102 112 to report all crimes

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