Car Leasing- Drive a new car, without the high costs.


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Car leasing is a terrific way to own a brand new car for small or no money down with small monthly payments. 

We’re teamed up with Max Rent in Madrid to pass their offers on to our clients. Spanish Solutions take care of the paperwork, for a fee of just 49 euro and we make sure that everything is as good as it looks. 

I know the local Spanish banks are offering this service too, but we’ve found with Max that the prices are lower, the contracts are less restrictive and without any fuss, Spanish Solutions can deal with all your paperwork.

Advantages of Leasing, or Renting as the Spanish call it, are:

  • Brand new cars.
  • Tax benefits for companies and self-employed people.
  • No large downpayment.
  • Change the car in 36/48 months typically. 
  • Loads of extras like insurance, 24-hour breakdown service included in the price.
  • Serving included.
  • No need for ITV trips. 
  • Range of vehicles- Feel like driving a Porsche or a Tesla, well, you can! 
  • No insurance excess unlike many of the schemes run by the main dealers themselves.
  • Spanish solutions will deal with all the paperwork for you. 

Before you sign up, there are some points you should know about car leasing in Spain:

1- Renting is from 36 months onwards and for full years, the usual is 36/48/60 months

2- The prices of campaign offer like the ones here in this post, can never be changed, not the colours nor the equipment of the cars. They are what they are because they are part of a big package of equal cars that a financier has bought.

3- Delivery times are around 8 weeks from the signing of the rental contract because the car must be purchased, received, registered, insured and transported to the destination indicated by the customer. Normally the car is delivered to the main dealer of the brand closest to the customer’s home.

4- In a la carte rentals, you can modify anything you want, such as colour, engine, equipment, wheels, etc. They are usually more expensive because there is no discount for volume purchases. The delivery time can be very short if the car is available at a dealership of the same brand, or very long if it has to be manufactured.

5- The services included in a rental cannot be modified either.

The services included in car renting are:

All-Risk Coverage Service Included

Comprehensive Maintenance Included

Limited tyre change

Roadside Assistance Included

Road tax included

Sanction Management Included

Fuel Card Included

Windscreen breakage included

On-Line Office Included

Appointment Included

24 hour customer service included

Collection and delivery service included

The documentation required to apply for a rental is as follows, depending on the type of client:


– CIF of the company.

– ID cardholder/s.

– Deed of incorporation of the company if it has been established for less than 6 months.

– Power of Attorney to lease the personal property if the signatory is not an Administrator or Managing Director of the company.

– Internal accounts: balance sheet + profit and loss (at least for the first quarter or six months or as up-to-date as possible).

– Last corporate tax (Mod. 200) or official accounts presented in the register with the CSV (secure verification code).

– Last year’s VAT summary (Mod. 390) with the CSV (secure verification code).

– Quarters VAT current year.

– Bank receipt showing IBAN and holder.

– Document 347: Annual informative declaration of operations.

– Real ownership document.


– ID card of the holder and his/her spouse if he/she is married in community of property.

– Driving licence.

– Working life report (optional).

– Income tax for the last financial year with the CSV (insurance verification code) and that of the spouse if married in community of property.

– Last paycheck and that of your spouse if you are married in a community of property regime.

– Bank receipt showing the IBAN and the holder.

– In the case of presenting a guarantee (consult the documentation to be presented).


– ID card of the holder and his/her spouse.

– Census registration.

– Income tax the last exercise with the CSV (insurance verification code) and that of the spouse if married.

– Summary of VAT for the previous year.

– Quarters VAT current year.

– Bank receipt showing the IBAN and the holder.

Below you have the latest campaign renting offers. There are way more and its changing all the time.  

I have taken 10,000 km/year and 48 months as an example but we can modify these amounts for what each client needs:

Let us know what you think!

RENTING Toyota RAV 4 Advance 220H Híbrido Automático (e-CVT) 4×2 218CV
Equipamiento: Faros delanteros parábola LED con función follow-me home, Climatizador automático bizona, Sistema de Integración Móvil, Pantalla TFT a color de 7“ (17,78 cm), Pantalla táctil multifunción de 8“ (20,32 cm), Cámara de visión trasera, Sensores de aparcamiento del./ tras, Cargador del smartphone inalámbrico, Sensores de aparcamiento trasero, Llantas de aleación de 18″ (45,72 cm) 225/60R18
OFERTA desde 502€/mes todo incluido !!!
RENTING Range Rover Evoque D150 AWD Auto 150CV
Equipamiento: BUSINESS PACK, Touch Pro Navigation HDD, Sensor de reconocimiento de señales de tráfico con limitador inteligente de velocidad,  Android Auto(TM), Apple CarPlay®, Pro Services and Wi-Fi Hotspot, Smart Settings, PARK PACK.
OFERTA desde 601€/mes todo incluido !!!
RENTING Kia Sportage Mild 1.6 MHEV Drive Híbrido Automatico 136CV
Equipamiento: Climatizador bizona automático, Bluetooth, Sensores de aparcamiento traseros, Navegador con cámara de asistencia al estacionamiento con servicios TomTom y pantalla de 7” (17,78 cm), Servicios de conectividad Android Auto /Apple CarPlay, Sistema de asistencia de mantenimiento de carril, sistema reconocimiento de señales de tráfico
OFERTA desde 366€/mes todo incluido !!!

RENTING BMW Serie 3 318d 150CV
OFERTA desde 509€/mes todo incluido !!!
RENTING KIA Stonic 1.0 T-GDI BLACK EDITION DCT 5 puertas Automatico 120CV
OFERTA desde 289€/mes todo incluido !!!
OFERTA desde 298€/mes todo incluido !!!
RENTING MAZDA CX-30 SKYACTIV-G 2.0 2WD MT Origin Híbrido 122CV
Equipamiento: Android Auto / Apple CarPlay, sensor aparcamiento trasero, detector trafico trasero, frenada de emergencia
OFERTA desde 365€/mes todo incluido !!!

RENTING Peugeot 3008 BlueHDi S&S Active 130CV
Equipamiento: Sensores de aparcamiento trasero, VisionPark 1, Cámara de visión trasera 180º, Pack SAFETY, Alerta de distancia y sist. de frenado automàtico de emergencia
OFERTA desde 365€/mes todo incluido !!

RENTING MERCEDES BENZ Clase GLC 220 D 4matic 5 puertas 194CV
Equipamiento: AMG Line interior + AMG Line exterior, Integración de smartphone, Night Pack, Paquete Advantage, Pintura metalizada, Realidad aumentada para navegación MBUX
OFERTA desde 619€/mes todo incluido !!!
RENTING PEUGEOT 5008 Allure 1.5l Bluehdi S&s 130CV
OFERTA desde 407€/mes todo incluido !!!

RENTING DS7 Crossback Bluehdi Automático SoChic 180CV OFERTA desde 509€/mes todo incluido !!!

RENTING Volkswagen T-Roc Edition 1.6 Tdi 115CV
OFERTA desde 323€/mes todo incluido !!!
RENTING BMW X1 xDrive 18d 150CV.
OFERTA desde 524€/mes todo incluido !!!


  • Bobby Patel

    Me voy a mudar a España de manera permanente a mediados de diciembre y me gustaría conseguir un Range Rover alquilado o similar, pero automático solo en un contrato de arrendamiento personal. ¿Qué necesito y puedo dar una garantía bancaria?

    • Jane

      Hi Bobby

      I will e mail you with the contact details for this company for you to get in touch.

      Kind Regards


  • Paul

    Good afternoon. I am interested in leasing/renting a car. Are you able to help? Kind regards.

    • Jane

      Hi Paul

      We certainly can I will e mail you to gather a few more details.

      Kind Regards


  • Rebecca Clare Simpkin

    Please contact me, I am interested in these offers.

    Many Thanks

    • Jane

      Hi Rebecca

      I have sent you an e mail.

      Kind Regards


  • Kevin

    Hi, can you send details when you reopen? Cheers

    • Jane

      Hi Kevin

      I have e mailed you directly to get further details for me to send you some options and quotes.

      Kind Regards


  • lauren parkes

    Hi, we interested in leasing a car. are budget is between 200 – 300 euros a month. does the price of leasing cover insurance, Itv IE we are looking for trouble free motoring. Many thanks Lauren

    • Jane

      Hi Lauren

      I have e mailed you for further information.

      Kind Regards


  • Daniel

    Hi, I am looking for a fiat 500 for my wife

    • Jane

      Hi Daniel

      I have e mailed you for more details.

      Kind Regards


  • Ericson

    Hello, I would like to rent a car longterm with the offer presented above. Can you please email me the details?

    • Jane


      I have e mailed you directly for some more details.

      Kind Regards


  • James

    Hi I’m interested in leasing a car. I’ll be new to Spain. Any info appreciated! Thanks.

    • Jane

      Hi James

      I have e mailed you direct to get some further information.

      Kind Regards


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