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Governements are paying Patients to come to Spain for surgery.

  • Do you need any type of surgery and you can’t wait for the call any more?
  • Are you on a medical waiting list in Ireland? 
  • Did you know that the Irish government will pay you to come to Spain to get your procedure done here in Alicante? 
  • It’s Free; why do more Irish people not know about this? 

At Spanish Solutions, we are well known for our legal and tax help for business, legal help for our clients, peace of mind for property buyers and sellers. 

Did you know that Spanish Solutions can now help the 1,000,000 Irish people (yes that says one million, 20% of the Irish population) who are waiting to have surgery? 

Surgery Now, an Irish company has recently become a client of ours. We help them with their legal work, tax declaration etc so that they can get on with the job; helping people. 

They provide a totally FREE service to mostly Irish clients who want to come to Spain right now, get their procedure done here rather than waiting literally YEARS to have their surgery back home. 

There was a time ten years ago whereby the best surgeons, nurses and doctors in Spain invariably ended up working in Ireland for a couple of years. Now, due to a host of reasons, especially soaring housing costs and costs of living in general, they are staying here in Spain. Instead of them coming to us, we are coming to them! 

How to start off the process of Surgery in Spain. 

At Spanish Solutions, we are many things; We are sworn translators, tax experts, conveyancing professionals, barristers, lawyers, business appraisal experts but what we are not, is surgeons. 

Please check directly with Surgery now but here are the points as best we know them.

Clients who have a referral letter from an Irish GP are fully supported and financed by the HSE to come to Spain and have their treatment here. 

Let’s say you need your cataracts done. You can wait TWO years back home or come here to Spain; probably an easy decision. 

You’ll need to talk to Leanne or Liam in the sales department who will explain how it works, how long your rehabilitation will be etc. 

They will speak to your GP and make sure that she is happy to refer you to Spain. Of course, it is the right thing for the GP to do. They understand too just how urgently you need to get your operation done.

Liam will talk to you about the Cross Border Directive and how you will get the full cost of the procedure refunded. Obviously most of the Spanish Solutions clients already own a property in Spain. That makes things easier as you’re already familiar with the Spanish system. Surgery Now will pick you up from La Zenia or wherever your property in Spain is located. They drive you to meet the consultant, help with translñations (not really necessary as most of the medical professionals already speak perfect English thanks to the time they served in Dublin!) and book you in for all your appointments. (Physiotherapy, assessments etc). 

They book you in for the surgery and take care of you right until the hospital says the time is right. They charge absolutely nothing and they are fully funded by the HSE. 

If your particular treatment needs follow-ups and checkups, they book those and take care of the details too. 

Communication with the clients (they call them patients!) is excellent and the testimonials they get are impressive. 

Incidentally, Scandinavian clients too are taking advantage of the service. 

What treatments are covered? 

I asked Noel Smith, founder and CEO of Surgery now to give me a list of the treatments that Surgery Now typically cover; I assumed it would be a shortlist, maybe 5 or 6 procedures. Instead, this is the (edited) list that he gave me. All of these treatments and many, many more are covered in private hospitals around the Alicante region. 

  • Tonsillectomy
  • Skin lesion removal
  • Gastroscopy
  • Colonoscopy
  • Gallbladder removal
  • Hernia Repair
  • Wrist surgery -Carpal Tunnel release
  • Bladder dilation
  • TURP: Prostate reduction surgery
  • Prostate biopsy
  • Bladder dilation
  • Hip replacement
  • Knee replacement/ repair
  • Ankle and shoulder arthroscopy
  • Removal of slipped disc
  • Vertebral disc (lumbar) removal
  • Spine decompression
  • Varicose Vein Removal
  • Hysterectomy
  • Fibroid Removal
  • Cataract Removal

Finance available.

There is a scheme, a joint venture between various governments and the EU called the Cross Border Directive. Health boards across Europe realise that they need to reduce the wait times for vital, in some cases, life changing surgery. 

A typical operation may cost 10,000 euros in Spain. The Irish Government will refund that in total. What most clients ( I need to start calling them patients) will do is borrow the money from the local Credit union. Surgery Now takes care of that. The Credit union, once the patient has a referral letter will transfer the money to the hospital and once the procedure is completed, the Irish government refunds the credit union. It’s a little convoluting, and that is why Leanne in the office fills in most of the documentation! 

Bottom line is that most patients get their full 100% refund very quickly and with almost no hassle. 

What do Surgery now do? 

Again I asked Noel Smith to sum it up for me in a sentence or two: Well 45 minutes later, this is what we narrowed it down to. Really, they do a lot more; the service is the most client-centred I have ever seen in Spain. So this is a quote from Noel. 

Surgery now offers assistance with GP referral for treatment abroad, under the EU Cross-Border Directive Scheme. We ensure the doctors in Ireland are happy to refer their Patients to any of a list of private hospitals in Spain such as IMed in Benidorm. 

The team in Spain work with Accredited hospitals, surgeons and physicians, providing 5-star quality service of pre-procedure care, the surgery itself and post-care. 

Organisation of travel, accommodation and all the appointments; for example psychological assessment in the case of Bariatric care. Our team of drivers provide free transfer to and from the airport, to the accommodation etc.

Support you with your aftercare. We schedule your physiotherapy sessions etc. 

Random services such as Holiday Dialysis; whatever the patients need really. 

Important: the administrators give assistance with the paperwork to apply for the reimbursement of your treatment from the HSE.

We minimise the red tape so you can focus on your treatment and recovery. Do you feel like a week’s holiday in the sun to help with recuperation? We can offer that too.

Too good to be true?

I was sceptical when I spoke to Noel first. There was a lot of:

“talk to me like a four-year-old. The Irish Government is paying people to get their surgery in Spain without any waiting times? It’s too good to be true”.

Turns out, it’s not! 

Noel introduced me to a couple of clients who cannot stop talking about the service they received. One client told me that Surgery Now saved her life; high praise indeed.

You probably know someone already who is on a medical waiting list. If that is the case, please feel free to share this post with them. We 100% stand over the company, and we don’t often say that! 

Leanne, Karen and Noel in Imed hospital, Benidorm.

This is a legitimate, life-changing and in some cases, life-saving organisation of people who care. 


I remember an estate agent opened in Cabo Roig back in 2010 offering commission FREE property sales. I was slated at the time when I told the Leader newspaper that they were free because they knew exactly what their service was worth. 

Well, Surgery now is a FREE service that is worth so much more. It’s quite incredible really to see the range of services they offer patients. It’s no wonder the Irish Health Board are so happy with them and now Swedish clients in particular too are getting in touch. 

My advice is that if you know anyone on a medical waiting list who desperately needs to get off it, give Liam a call over at Surgery Now. 00353 1 4370960.  

He’ll listen to your problems and come up with a practical, workable solution. The quickest a client has been from contact to hip replacement so far in 2022 was three days. Weight loss surgery in Ireland currently has a waiting time of FOUR years! 

It’s an easy decision. 

Again, we stand 100% over the Surgery Now crew and we wish them the very best for the future. Thousands of people look set to benefit from this ingenious idea.

Thanks for all you are doing to help people, team! 



    Hi.My name is Neda Sharifi and I am an Irish citizen. I am a healthcare worker (Clinical Biochemist) with over 20 years of service with Beaumont Hospital in Dublin. I live in Alicante Spain now. I am available to join the crew in the Hospitals in Benidorm at whatever capacity to help Irish patients abroad for surgeries. I speak Spanish level B2.1.

    • Nicola Ryan

      Thank you for your comments Neda,

      It would be best to contact the hospitals directly to offer your services, what a lovely thing to do.

      Kind regards

  • David Norris

    I live in northern ireland and have an Irish passport am I entitled to funding with this scheme. I have a GP referral letter to have a hip replacement

    • Nicola Ryan

      Thank you David,

      We have passed your enquiry to the relevant department who will contact you directly.

      Kind regards

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