Skip the medical waiting lists in Ireland with this incredible FREE service.


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Spanish Solutions announce a new partnership.

Surgery Now is getting Irish people off the HSE lists.

Skip the medical waiting lists in Ireland with this incredible FREE service. 

Here in Spanish Solutions over the years we’ve met with some wonderful partners. 

The team here has helped people to open businesses in the hairdressing, bar/restaurant, real estate, mechanical and many other sectors in Spain. 

We helped with a lot of property deals too; almost 10,000 people have used the firm since we opened in 2005. 

Back in the days of the Spanish property boom, we sold more Polaris World property than the Polaris London and Dublin offices combined.

We take care of our clients from a tax and legal point of view. We are always looking for ways to help our clients. For example, we get better deals on currency converting, mortgages, property sales etc on behalf of our clients. 

It probably is no surprise to see the new direction that we are looking at just now. 

Who is Surgery now?

Surgery Now is an Irish firm owned exclusively by Noel Smith from Castleknock, Co Dublin. Noel came to us with his partner Chris Goodley early in 2022. They had contractual issues which they wanted us to fix for them. Surgery Now also had a few basic legal and tax concerns, which needless to say Rafa and Pedro were able to assist with.

Once the partnership dissolved and Chris was out of the company, Noel stated that he’d like Spanish Solutions to work with them to get the word out about their wonderful service. 

What does Surgery Now do? 

In Ireland right now it is estimated that there is a staggering 1,000,000 on a medical waiting list of one type or another. 

Shoulders, hips, cataracts, weight loss surgery etc are non-essential procedures unless you are the one suffering in pain for two years or even more.

Surgery Now’s USP is simple;

You can skip the long waiting lines in Ireland and have your surgery abroad here in Spain within as little as ten days.

That was the “pitch” Noel gave us when we were working on the structure of the business for him and removing his ex-partner. It is worth explaining it again as we almost didn’t believe it when Noel tried to tell us exactly how simple it is. 

In a nutshell, the Irish government is working with Surgery Now to get people off the long medical waiting list. They will fully refund the cost of the procedure if an Irish citizen chooses to come to Spain to have surgery here. 

Surgery Now works with some of the best private hospitals in Spain, or even in Europe. Not only will the patient save maybe two years of waiting around, but they also will get better care, not lesser care, than they would back in Ireland. 

For example, let’s say an Irish patient wants to come to Spain to get a knee replacement. All they need is a referral from a GP in Ireland making it clear what the patient needs. Surgery Now put the GP in touch with the consultant in Spain to ensure the correct scans and diagnoses are available. 

We will set a date that suits everyone for the procedure to take place. Audrey or Liam in the office book flights and hotels to suit the client, taking into consideration whether or not the patient needs wheelchair assistance, or perhaps they want a very specific hotel. Maybe they have a family member come on over with them to Spain; again Surgery Now take care of all of that. 

Scott or another patient liaison officer picks the patient up in Alicante, Valencia or Madrid Airports and takes them to their accommodation. The next day, he’ll collect the client and take them to meet the medical team. The procedure will happen, as agreed with the patient and then the recovery begins. 

Imed in Benidorm, one of the private hospitals used by Irish clients.

Additional services, pre and post-surgery.

Physiotherapy is also covered by this Cross Border Scheme so that the patient gets as much Physio as they need. In the Valencia clinic, the physiotherapy room is frequented by members of Tennis-Spain and the Valencia football club. 

I-Med, our partner there, is the official health partner not just for these groups, and for Elche football club but for many of the top sportspeople in Spain and beyond. 

A Nurse from Dublin whom I spoke to last week told me that in Ireland there is a want versus need attitude to physiotherapy. She feels her clients want 10 sessions typically for a knee replacement. In some cases, they are struggling to get even two sessions in Ireland. She is determined to send all her clients to Spain to have these procedures taken care of. 

Once the procedure has been successfully completed, including the recovery time, we arrange to get the patient back to Ireland. Again the office books the return flight, arranges transfers to the airport and the patient finally can get on with their lives, pain-free

It is as simple as it sounds.

Clients can come to Spain to get their medical procedures in a fraction of the time it can take in Ireland. Better still, the HSE will pay for it.

We asked the HSE while doing our due diligence on Noel and Surgery now, what was covered. They effectively said that if you can have a medical procedure in Ireland on the HSE, you can come to Spain to have it, with up to 100% of the cost refunded.

They could not make it more clear.  

Everyone wins with Surgery Now.

Again, the HSE is backing this scheme. So too, the EU is backing the scheme. Patients from other countries can avail of the standard of medical care here. We had clients from Sweden who are suffering 6-month delays for prosthetics. They contacted us with a view to travelling to Valencia to have the procedure. 

The private hospitals are delighted. Rather than their top surgeons having to travel to Ireland as they did ten years ago, now they can remain here and we come to them instead.

Finally, the clients or patients are thrilled. Why would they not be? These people are staring down a two year wait time to get a procedure in Ireland. I know a hip replacement may not be considered life or death but this is life-changing stuff for sure.

We can now take these people off the waiting list in Ireland. Surgery now will take them to Spain, get the procedure and send them back as good as new! 

Client-based care.

This is a truly wonderful service. I’ve met most of the team and it is not just at a managerial level that they are wonderful; every aspect of this business is so good. The most impressive thing is how client-based the business is. They want to get hundreds of Irish people every month over to Spain to get themselves off the long waiting list. The firm gets well paid by the HSE and the private hospitals. That is why they can do it all without charging the patient as much as one euro. 

They also have a deal with all of the credit unions in Ireland, plus a financial institution here in Spain. If a client needs to borrow money in advance before getting a refund from the HSE they will take care of that too. The loans are guaranteed as everyone is pre-approved by the HSE. Even more difficult than getting the money is the paperwork. Patients cannot afford to make a mistake on the documentation as this can slow down the refund process. Surgery Now do the work and don’t make mistakes! 

We are very happy to promote Surgery Now, an Irish success story. Contact us here for more information. 

If you do know of anyone who can take advantage of their FREE service… (it is still hard to believe the client gets all of this for free!) Please get in touch with Liam and make sure to let him know we sent you.


  • Denis MC Garry

    Cataracts opp

    • Nicola Ryan

      Thank you for your enquiry Denis,

      We will pass your details to “Surgery Now”, who will contact you directly to discuss this matter further.

      Kind regards

  • Emily Vorchykhina

    Hello my name is Emily .I am on a waiting list for gastric bypass surgery.I am 10 stone over weight and have issues with my health as a result .I am interested in traveling abroad for the operation as soon as I San.coild you please assist me.

    • Tracie Miles

      Good afternoon Emily, my colleague Ian will be in touch with you direct okay.

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