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Taxes in Spain (Letters after Purchase)

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Some people have come to us as they have unfortunately received a letter from the Hacienda ( Spanish Tax Authority)  informing them that they had included a value in their Deeds that was well below the real value of the property and that they hadn’t in fact paid enough transfer tax. We have appealed successfully in many of these cases,... Read more »

Strange traditions in Spain

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Here are just a few weird traditions you might come across at Christmas time in Spain. Caga Tió (“poo log”) A log painted with a smiley face who is cared for from El Dia de Inmaculada (December 8) until Christmas. On Christmas Day or Christmas Eve (it varies), the children beat the log (and throw him into the fire) singing... Read more »

Orihuela Medieval Market

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We often give a recommendation to visit somewhere, but it is not often we provide a report on what it was like. One of the reasons that many live in Spain, and that so many people like to visit, is that the Spanish love to enjoy themselves, love fiestas and have a wonderful sense of fun and frivolity. Take for... Read more »

How do I buy a property in Spain and what are the costs?

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1 Define your needs! So, you´re ready to buy in Spain. This is where the fun really begins. Whether or not you are familiar with the area, you need to get yourself over here, look around and decide what type of property you want. 2 Begin the search! Talk to an agent you trust and feel comfortable with and they... Read more »

Why we love Orihuela Costa

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In no particular order, this area of the Costa Blanca is special because of: 1) The Weather – okay, at times there are rare rain days. But almost every other day of the year we enjoy the very unusual and pleasant microclimate as a result of the salt lakes of Torrevieja. The air is as clear and sparkling as pure... Read more »

Power of Attorney

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A power of attorney is a document whereby you nominate someone to transact on your behalf. What can it be used for? For example to buy or sell houses, open bank accounts and sign documents. Who is it done between? It can be between partners and on a reciprocal basis, giving both equal rights to effect transactions on behalf of... Read more »

Carrying Identity documents

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“Could you please inform me as to about carrying identification documents  on one´s person under Spanish law? I ask this question where a non driver and non passport holder would not normally possess photographic identification.” The Law on Carrying Identity Documents Everyone in Spain must carry government issued ID at all times, regardless of whether we are Spanish, an EU... Read more »

Rental Contract – law on rental and maintenance

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Please check with us the up to date law on rental contracts as this changes frequently. Within the period of a rental contract, the law on rental and maintenance is important. There are two different types of works that need to be differentiated: necessary work or maintenance and improvements. Maintenance Works The landlord needs to make all those repairs needed... Read more »

Orihuela City

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Orihuela (Spanish pronunciation: oriwela) is a city and municipality located at the feet of the Sierra de Orihuela mountains. It is in the province of Alicante, Spain. The municipality has a total area of 367.19 km². It stretches all the way down to the Mediterranean coast, west of Torrevieja. The river Segura flows through the city. This city was settled... Read more »

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