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Take a look at Pilar De La Horadada? 

Many of our clients are looking to new developments on the Costa Blanca due to the ever reducing stock of resale property in Spain. 

You can pick up a new build for around the same money as a resale. Certainly back in the day, (maybe ten years ago) both the prices of resale houses in Spain and the costs of new developments went through the roof. This time around, builders and Spanish developers are being more cautious. Prices are good, if you shop around, and the quality of the Spanish properties now is exceptional. It is really a buyers market for new property up and down the Costa Blanca. 

First things first. Spanish Solutions is a team of English speaking lawyers, accountants and fiscal advisors. What we are not, is estate agents! 

We work with a number of top agents, the very best in the business so if you are thinking of buying a new build property in Spain we highly recommend that you use an agent. We can help you find an excellent agent, who speaks your language of course. 

There is no downside to using a trustworthy and experienced Spanish estate agent, especially if you are looking at new build property. As far as we can see, it’s all positive for you. They are paid by the builder so you don’t pay any more by having an agent. 

  • You have an experienced guide on your side. They will handle both ends of the deal choosing the property to the snagging list. 
  • You ́ll have a team who speak Spanish as well as your native language.
  • You ́ll have a pro who can tell you that what you are buying is good value; the deal you are being offered is the best available; and they can compare various developments for you. 
  • The agent will coordinate with Spanish Solutions, knowing when to hand the responsibility over to us, to ensure the closing goes to plan. 

Spanish Solutions on the other hand will help with legal, tax and conveyancing matters. This is our passion. 

We have a relocation package that covers everything from NIE numbers, to non resident tax; contract translation and advice; (never, ever sign a purchase contract in Spain before you speak to Spanish Solutions or another equally qualified law office!); power of attorney; mortgages; currency and peace of mind! 

So, in order to successfully buy a new build property in Spain you clearly need a top agent, a professional legal and fiscal  team like Spanish Solutions and a good Spanish developer.

One of our favourites is Playa Mar, a development of new construction property in Pilar De La Horadada. Many clients see much better value in new build property there, just 50 minutes south of Alicante, and 30 minutes from Cartagena as opposed to the costs of a new build in Villamartin/Cabo Roig areas. 

Many of our buyers recently have said how easy it was to buy good value property in Pilar and its neighbour Torre de la Horadada. It’s close to La Manga geographically, but in terms of price, a world apart. 

Here in Pilar de la Horadada there are a number of PlayaMar Developments. The one I like most is a development of just six villas- Two are sold so four remain. 

As it’s a quiet time of the year in the property sector in Spain (although far from it for us in Spanish Solutions ) the builder is taking a discount of 20,000 euro from each villa, if you go and buy one before the end of August 2019. I ́m not sure if they intend to extend the deal past that date. 

All four villas are three bedrooms two bathrooms.

Plot sizes vary from 164 meters to 230 meters. Prices were 266,000 and with the discounts now you can buy a detached villa for 244,000 euro or the bigger one for 304,000 reduced from 324,000 euro. (current price as of July 2019)

We can get you an agent and make sure you get these discounts. Personally, I’d move quick on it!! Remember the price is the same with an agent or without, the advantages of going with an agent though are great. 

Make sure you talk to Spanish solutions first to get the legal work all in place first! 

If there is a downer to the Spanish builders it’s that they are not good sales people as a general rule. What I mean is they feel its the job of the agent to sell and they do as little as they can to help. Ironic, as this is how they get paid but that’s the way it is. Selling is not their job. Your agent will help of course but even with that, having your power of attorney in place so that Spanish Solutions can represent you without you having to fly over and back is a big advantage. 
As much as we like the PlayaMar development we love the area of Pilar De La Horadada even more. 

There are quite a few benefits to living in Pilar De La Horadada that we thought we’d mention. 

  • The beach; you can walk to the beach from Pilar De La Horadada on many of the dry rivers that run from the town to the Mediteranean coast less than 2km away.
  • The Chiringuitos; these quaint Spanish bars decorate the coastline. They are child friendly, inexpensive and so …. Spanish. Situated right along the sea with spectacular views, you can get your morning coffee, afternoon snack or evening wine right here. 
  • The Town of Pilar is again very Spanish. The cafes are often traditional bakeries where the locals and expats get together to converse over the days local events or watch the Real Madrid match on TV. 
  • The Golf: Lo Romero golf resort is a short stroll outside Pilar De La Horadada. A stunning nature reserve, it offers a tough, very fair test for golfers of all levels. We have to mention the 18th hole, one of the most popular holes of golf on the Costa Blanca! Go play it and you ́ll see what we mean. Bring an extra ball in your pocket! 
  • Sports facilities are world class, really, world class! The “Centro Poli-Deportivo” on the outskirts of town hosts indoor and outdoor football leagues with ex professional footballers amongst the trainers and volunteers. The martial arts clubs regularly train underage national, European and World champions. The tennis, padle, wall climbing, badminton, yoga, dancing and basketball facilities are stunning. So too is the indoor pool, with a balcony for viewing and a retractable roof for a more comfortable summer swim. 
  • The bowls club. Maybe not as flashy, yet just as popular is Pilar De La Horadada Bowls club for expats and locals to get together for a leisurely game of bowls and it’s all subsided by the local town hall. 
  • Festivals and holidays like Sevillianas and other public holidays are celebrated with great fanfare. Mostly free, the events organised by the pillar town hall are well attended and supported. They guarantee fun for children and adults alike. 
  • The town centre; it has banks (Sandander, Sabadell, BBVA), shops like Mercadona and Lidl and a host of hardware, electrical, and gift stores. The restaurants are terrific, with a truly Spanish feel of tapas and healthy food choices.  
  • The people in Pilar De La Horadada and the surrounding areas are very friendly and accommodating to the influx of Irish, British, Scandinavian, Belgian, French and other foreign residents who are moving to their previously sleepy town.
  • Kids facilities; apart from golf, schools, indoor and outdoor pools there are parks for the children to play, the level of crime is almost non existent, there are theatre groups, chess clubs, horse riding classes and so much more that the children will always have something to do. Oh, and the beach too! 
  • Can you speak English? (not a misprint, English) In the land of the blind, the one eyed man is king. So the saying goes. Spanish people love learning English, if you can make yourself available to drink coffee and speak English with the locals, your popularity will rise instantly. 
  • Pilar De La Horada was famous the world over for its quality fruit and vegetables trade. Hundreds of acres of organic produce are harvested regularly and you can avail of this health bonus without fuss. 
  • And lastly, Spanish Solutions are going to open a brand spanking new office in the middle of Pilar so if you buy a property there, you’ll always have us on your doorstep to help! 

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