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October 1st 2020.

Update on Pilar de La Horadada office: Unfortunately, we have decided to listen to our own advice and the office in Pilar De La Horadada will not reopen until Easter 2021.

We are still very much available to help our clients with legal help, property advice, tax-efficient plans etc. from our La Zenia office and we can, of course, travel to Pilar and the surrounding areas if our clients need us at any time- Just give us a little notice in advance.

Best wishes,

Spanish Solutions team.

Spanish Solutions, have opened a new branch in Pilar De La Horadada. 

Do you need help with: 

·Advice on buying your property in Spain?

·Property Conveyancing?

·Property Rental, tourism licences, rental tax?

·Law in Spain, in English?

·NIE Number, Residency (especially around Brexit time) ?

·Spanish Wills?

Lawyer in Pilar de la Horadada

Like many of the best fiscal offices in Spain, we started off by just doing so called normal conveyancing for our Irish and British clients. Since then, we teamed up with Spanish accountants, engineers and architects. Our most successful collaboration however is with Pedro Molina. 

Our clients love the fact that we have such a successful barrister on board. Pedro in this past 12 months has won major group action cases against estate agents who were ripping off clients, Spanish banks who were overcharging foreigners and builders, (many of whom are long since declared bankrupt) for taking deposits from buyers, who never got their new property in Spain. Many of these cases were successfully taken on a no win no fee basis

The Irish connection: Back in the boom times in Spain, Spanish Solutions were very closely related to the Irish buyers who were coming to Spain by their thousands. True, the connection to Comaskey Properties was a big attraction and literally brought a hundred additional Spanish property buyers every year for all those mad years. However, there are not many Irish law offices in Spain. In fact are there any? We too are a very multinational organisation. As well as Irish management we have Spanish, Scottish, English, Uruguayan and Dominican staff!  We have part time collaborators who help our Flemish, French, Swedish, Norwegian, Danish, Russian, Dutch and Icelandic property buyers, law and tax clients too. 

How to be a Real Estate Agent in Spain?

We are running what we think is the finest law and taxation office in Pilar, but we are not just helping individual clients. Are you an estate agency looking to find a law office who will ensure more of your deals get completed? We can help with that too. We make life easier and more lucrative for Spanish estate agents.  

Many of the estate agents we deal with complain that when Spanish Solutions are not involved for any reason, deals tend to fall apart more easily. The reason is that most law offices are not proactive. On the other hand we call the bank to help speed up the mortgage, we get the notary appointment done in advance, we have the paperwork ready right at the start. If there are any issues we want to find out and get them fixed while we still have time to do so. Estate agent who use us get more completed deals and everyone wins- the agent and the client of course. 

Other Legal Services in Pilar de la Horadada

Bare Ownership

We sometimes offer services other law offices just cannot do. For example, we are the only English speaking legal firm in Spain offering bare ownership.

Investors can buy property in Spain with discounts averaging 50% off the “Right Move ” advertised price. Sellers can get a large amount of money and have the right to live in their own house for life! 

Tourist Licences in Pilar de la Horadada and Murcia

Many of our clients, especially on the golf resorts around Murcia, Torre Pacheco etc are struggling to legally rent their houses in Spain.

We can, as you’d expect, help with every single aspect and save our clients time and money. Are you applying for a tourism licence? Do you have the right licence? Be careful! 

Conveyancing services in Pilar de la horadada

What about buying a property in the town of Pilar De La Horadada itself? 

We have a bias towards this beautiful town. If you are still wondering where in Spain to purchase your new home, maybe this is the town for you? It’s very Spanish, yet with an active expat community, the sports facilities are great, the sense of community is constant, the beach is within a few minutes walk, the golf, the sunshine, the airports- It is all here! 

Spanish Solutions are offering legal, fiscal and taxation services covering the areas of Pilar de la Horadada,Pinar de Campoverde, Torre De La Horadada, San Pedro de Pinatar, San Javier, Los Alcazares, Torre Pacheco, even as far as Murcia and Cartagena. More good news, our services are offered in English! 

Even better still, (if that is possible) if you can’t come to us, we will go to you!

That is right, if you are here on an inspection trip or just can’t get to our offices in Pilar or our head office in La Zenia, Andrea will go visit you in your office, Estate agents office, hotel or home. Do you want legal advice before you even travel to Spain? We can talk on Skype. 

We just want to make things easier for our clients to get the very best service out there in Spain. 

Feel free to get in touch if you have any issues that you think we can help you with. 

We’re here to help! 


  • Oscar Tonkin

    Looking to get NIE for my wife and I. Also want to get residency. Can you help and if so an estimate of cost please

    • Amanda Thomas

      Dear Oscar, Sorry for the delay, I will ask my colleague to send you the costs but the offices are currently closed for the moment, probably until the end of June, Kind regards

  • Ann Callaway

    Do you have any information about a case against the Icelandic bank being held in Cartagena arising from 2008 financial crisis? A very elderly friend is involved. Thank you.

    • Amanda Thomas

      Dear Ann, No, I am sorry, we don’t. It is not one of our cases.

  • David Bolam

    Can i apply for an NIE on line

    • Ian C.

      Hi David

      Unfortunately not, you require to be here and present your passport. Only other way would be to arrange Power of Attorney for us to do it on your behalf. Please give us a call if you wish us to help you.

      Kind Regards


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