Non Resident Tax


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Many of you know that it is law that all non residents that have a property in Spain pay Income Tax.

The Income tax is based on the supposed rental income that your property would generate. Even though you may not rent out your property or make any income from it, it is still an obligatory tax. The deadline for payment of this tax is 31st December 2016 for the year of 2015.

However, we kindly advise our clients that we require payments to be done before 1st December in order to present taxes in time. If we have done your taxes previously we have contacted you or will have done so shortly will be contacting you with the figures.

If you would like our assistance with preparing non resident home owner tax returns, please contact Ana

If you are not making a non-resident return and you have property anywhere in Spain and do not live in the country, you need to. 

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