You could be due a tax rebate if had a baby in Spain since 2014


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You could be due a tax rebate if had a baby in Spain since 2014

It has recently been announced that following a Supreme Court Judgement ruling in Spain, that parents who received paternity or maternity pay from the Spanish Tax office in the past 4 years, should now be able to reclaim the tax they paid on those benefits.

In future, those having children will no longer be taxed on paternity or maternity pay.

This debate has been going on for years and at one point looked like it would only apply to maternity pay, but at long last it has been settled and now all new mothers and fathers can put in a claim to get back the the income tax retentions on their benefits, for children born in the year 2014 or after.

What do I do?

Our friendly team are able to apply to the tax office for you, and if you require assistance with this matter, please contact usĀ and we will help you to get your tax back.




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