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Spanish Solutions was founded in 2005 initially to help expats who had no knowledge of the law in Spain with their property purchases. Yes, our company’s services have expanded greatly in the following years but legal is where it started for us.  Our Legal department is been well known in the area as the place to get things done and Spanish Solutions legal work is respected by our clients from all over the world.

We have dedicated ourselves to assisting our clients with a wide range of legal matters; sensitively and in a friendly, efficient manner. We are frequently mentioned in a positive manner on social media and referred to for advice. Although not a good business model, we sometimes give a lot of advice to communities, estate agents and individuals free of charge. Spanish Solutions cover a variety of areas in law from family matters to criminal, community issues, civil and property litigation and have had a great deal of success in Court, particularly with cases where clients have turned to us as a last resort having had no success or clear progress elsewhere.

In truth things have been difficult when we have had to sue builders we were friendly with on behalf of our clients when they did not finish new builds to the required standard or on time. So many of the legal companies on the area won’t do it. We have sued our own bank for charging our clients for insurance policies they did not need. We had to take legal action against our own competitors on behalf of our clients. This resulted in many business relationships breaking down but we will do what is right for the client regardless of how it affects Spanish Solutions.  We also know where the lines are drawn within our group of companies and confidentiality issues and externally.

We cover so many areas and issues it is difficult to mention them all here, but please see the list below to see if we have a page covering your particular issue or just contact us directly to see if we can help.  We do not charge for an initial response and are happy to be of service to you; hopefully for decades to come.

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