What are Golden Visas?

Many of you will not have heard of Golden Visas, which were introduced by Spain in September 2013 to aid the then ailing property market. A Golden Visa is when a Non EU person can obtain a Residency permit in exchange for investing in Spanish property (and other assets). if you would like to know the standard requirements for an investor Visa or permit, please email us for an appointment or email consultation.

We have specialised lawyers working in this matter and are used to applying for the Golden Visa for non-European citizens. You should bear in mind that applying for the Golden Visa is a complicated matter and the client needs to send a lot of information to fill in all the forms needed for the Spanish Government. We will take care of organising the application forms and managing deadlines.

If you, or a friend overseas, are interested in buying properties in Spain and in applying for the Golden Visa, we believe we are the best company on the Costa Blanca to help you.

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