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We have tried to show you in a few case studies the type of work we can do and how we can find solutions to problems. They say a problem shared is a problem halved so try us with yours, and you never know, we just might be able to help. Likewise if you need some information, we will do our best to help you…

Using a Lasting Power of Attorney for a Property Transaction

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A Case Study on using Powers of Attorney when Mental Incapacity. A while back we received an enquiry similar to this below:- “I have been reviewing your website for information regarding a proposed gift of a property in Spain. I would be grateful if you’re able to confirm if you’re able to advise on the matter below: – My parents… Read more »

Applying for residency in Spain (A couple with EU and non EU nationality).

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We recently had a client who is British and her husband is from New Zealand. They asked how they could apply for Residency in the Valencia region (please note it varies from region to region) and this is how we responded:- Being a British citizen it is fairly easy to apply for residency. You would have to apply first, and… Read more »

Case Study – Can an Usufruct Be Challenged?

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  We received an email this week from a gentleman needing some advice:- “I was left a half share in a Spanish property by my father. The other half went to his wife, my stepmother. She has the usufruct and will not allow myself or any of my family near the property. Can we challenge this in any way? She… Read more »

Donation using Lasting Powers of Attorney

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We had an enquiry not long ago saying someone had been reading our website about a proposed gift or donation of a property in Spain. This is fairly common in this region as relatively inexpensive at the moment and a good time to do it but this client had a slightly different issue. She explained that her parents own a… Read more »

Case Study – Unacceptable Holiday Accomodation

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We recently received an email similar to the following: What can I do as a tourist who rented a property for a holiday in Benidorm for 2 weeks which I had to vacate without even staying for 1 night due to a very low level of hygiene. We were travelling with our toddler and booked the property because it was… Read more »


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We recently received a similar enquiry to this:- “Hi, I have lived in Spain for just over 2 years. I have an EHIC card from England which will expire on 6 June 2020. Am I able to get medical assistance just using this card and my passport in medical centres? I have ongoing health problems and am retired. I will… Read more »

CASE STUDY – Can you have a penknife on your person or in your car?

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We have had a case whereby a youth of 20 had gone to visit a friend near Murcia last year and was standing outside the house, with some of their friends chatting, not doing anything. Spanish police passed by and must have thought that they looked suspicious as they were questioned, searched and then the youth´s car searched.  In his… Read more »

Case Study – Selling a property in Spain

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A client has recently come to us and said we are going to sell in about 3-4 months time. What do we need to think about? Capital Gains Tax Please note that the Capital Gains is a tax calculated on the difference between the purchase price of the property originally, and the sale price of the house, not the value price…. Read more »

Case Study -Drink and Drug Tests in the Workplace in Spain

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We recently had an enquiry as follows:- We believe that we have a situation whereby we will need to necessary to test our employees for drug and drink abuse. Please what is the correct way to apply this or announce it in Spain, so that we act in accordnace with the law? Perhaps we need you to draft a legal… Read more »

CASE STUDY – Received a notification from Court in Spain

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 From time to time worried clients approach us saying that they have received a notification from the local Court advising that they need to collect a document from the local Court in person.    What this is can vary, but usually, it is some type of accusation against the clients. The most recent accusation we saw was claiming for damages… Read more »

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