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We have tried to show you in a few case studies the type of work we can do and how we can find solutions to problems. They say a problem shared is a problem halved so try us with yours, and you never know, we just might be able to help. Likewise if you need some information, we will do our best to help you…

When Do You Need a Rental Contract

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An interesting enquiry lately for customers was this:- We have a French family wanting to rent our apartment near Cabo Roig and we would like to know about contracts. They want the grandparents to use it regularly for a month at a time, especially over the winter months and then they and their children would also use it for school… Read more »

Can you evict a non-paying tenant who cites covid as the reason?

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We have been contacted recently by a few landlords and agents asking if you can evict a non-paying tenant who cites covid as the reason. The last one states that it is illegal to evict anyone until April 2021 because of coronavirus. Even if their contract runs out. Our lawyer advised that to be able to apply that measure to… Read more »

Joint Owners Responsibilities with Usufruct

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This brief case study relates to joint owner’s responsibilities when there is an usufruct. We received an enquiry from a man saying that on his wife’s death a few years ago he was granted the usufruct of her half of the property. He retained ownership of his half as the property had been purchased in their joint names in equal… Read more »

Changes to Wills in Spain

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A customer wrote to us today with a query regarding changes to Wills in Spain (we have their authority to relay this story). They said “Attached is a copy of our daughter’s will. In this Will she leaves the property in Spain to a named person.  She no longer wants to do this and wishes to leave it to her… Read more »

Extra Community Fees for Rental Properties

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Recently, we have had a few clients ask about extra community fees for owners who rent out their property. Many have been surprised by this and asked if it is legal. Extra Community Fees This possibility was approved by the government of Spain through the Real Decreto-ley 7/2019, of 1 of March. The measure has been incorporated into the Horizontal… Read more »

Case Study – Permissions for Food in Spanish Bars

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Food in Spanish bars is a topic we sometimes get approached for advice on. This week one of our customers who owns a Spanish bar has just asked us if we could help with some actual legal clarification as to what food in Spanish bars is allowed to be prepared/served in a bar with a cafeteria licence? There are many… Read more »

The new Last Will in Spain – 2020

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A client contacted us very concerned about his Will and the new Last Will in Spain. He asked: At the beginning of the year (approx) I had a new Will prepared by yourselves. Do I now have to have a clause added if I want the new UK law added for inheritance purposes ? This has been brought to my… Read more »

Complaints to Spanish Courts

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Can you make complaints to Spanish Courts? Yes you can try. We had a client approach us that said we culd use his case study to inform others. He said “I made a claim through a Spanish lawyer against a Bank, to re-claim additional interest paid on a mortgage, which had a 3% ‘floor clause’. Although it has taken over… Read more »

Case Study – Can you appeal against a Criminal Conviction in Spain?

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We received an enquiry from a client asking if a British Citizen, resident in Britain could appeal against a Spanish criminal conviction not of a serious nature. His son, then aged 19, had been on holiday in Tenerife and was not aware at the time they were in a criminal court. They said no translator was offered to them. They… Read more »

Case Study – Sole owned property in Marriage

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We often receive a question such as this – “I bought an apartment in Spain solely in my name. I was married and now am divorcing my wife. She has has never paid anything to the mortgage or bills, I pay everything. We have no children. She now wants me to sell it and give her half. What rights do… Read more »

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