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We have tried to show you in a few case studies the type of work we can do and how we can find solutions to problems. They say a problem shared is a problem halved so try us with yours, and you never know, we just might be able to help. Likewise if you need some information, we will do our best to help you…

Case Study – Can you appeal against a Criminal Conviction in Spain?

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We received an enquiry from a client asking if a British Citizen, resident in Britain could appeal against a Spanish criminal conviction not of a serious nature. His son, then aged 19, had been on holiday in Tenerife and was not aware at the time they were in a criminal court. They said no translator was offered to them. They… Read more »

Case Study – Sole owned property in Marriage

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We often receive a question such as this – “I bought an apartment in Spain solely in my name. I was married and now am divorcing my wife. She has has never paid anything to the mortgage or bills, I pay everything. We have no children. She now wants me to sell it and give her half. What rights do… Read more »

CASE STUDY – Accidents in Private Home in Spain

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We recently had this enquiry, which may be of interest to others. Good Evening,Can you advise me as to where I would stand as a home owner in both UK and Spain if there were to be a Accident at my Spanish home whilst it was being used ,if I was liable for the accident although I have Public Liability… Read more »

Case Study – Tenants and Habitual Residence

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Occasionally we see an enquiry about how to get round the strong Spanish law now for tenancies that tenants are allowed to stay in a property a long time. A lady wrote to us and said what do I do? I want to rent out my property to someone for six month months, but I hear the tenants may be… Read more »

Division of Ownership Spain

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We recently received an enquiry from a man saying “I would like to have information on Extinguishing a condominium following a divorce”. This was our reply, which may help others: Thank you for your email. Clients may wish to change (for several different reasons, you mentioned divorce) the ownership of a property in Spain, known as a division of joint… Read more »

When a Parent Dies With Spanish Property

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We recently received an enquiry saying that someone’s parents have owned a property in Spain and sadly their mother has just died. His father was unsure what he needed to do regarding the property. This was our answer: Firstly, we are very sorry to hear about your mother. Things are quite different in Spain for inheritance as people own property… Read more »


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Q. We had this enquiry today, which may interest some people. Just a quick question that I think you will know the answer to. If someone buys a property that already has a tourist rental licence is the licence transferable or would the new owner need to apply from scratch? A. This was our answer. Thank you for contacting us. … Read more »

Case Study – Wills Between Countries

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  Last week, we had this enquiry from a client: Good Morning, my mother passed away and has a property and assets in Bendidorm and I believe there is a will ( although I have not seen it ) and a property and assets in the UK where NO WILL has been found. Is it possible that her English assets… Read more »

How to Apply for UK Grant of Probate (Marilyn’s story)

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One of our clients was so frustrated by her experience trying to apply for UK Grant of Probate after her husband died that she wrote this article to help our clients, and also the instructions at the foot of the article. I am sure many readers are going to be eternally grateful to her. Thank you Marilyn! Her story begins……. Read more »

Case Study – Changing Ownership of Property and Brexit

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We received an email this week which may be of interest if you are divorcing and changing ownership of a property or wondering about Brexit. The customer said that she and her husband are divorcing and live in the UK. As part of the settlement he has agreed she can keep the apartment in Spain near Murcia. She said that… Read more »

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