Plusvalía tax. A second capital gain tax?


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Plusvalia Tax in Spain

It is possible that you do know about this tax if you have sold your property before. If not, this will look like a second capital gains tax. We will show you in this article how it works and explain the possible future of this tax.

Which is subject on this tax?

The true name of this tax is Impuesto sobre el Incremento de Valor de los Terrenos de Naturaleza Urbana (IIVTNU) or in English literally, Tax on the Increase in the Value of Urban Land, better known for the Spanish as “Plusvalía”.

This tax is collected by the town halls and the controversy has been after it a lot years. Some taxpayers think this is a second capital gains tax. In fact, on November 2021 the Constitutional Court made illegal the calculation method. It took one week for the Government to approve a new brand legal method. Recently, one of the parties on the opposition appealed to the Constitutional Court but they said this new method is 100% legal. Supreme court doesn’t think the same, so this is not the end of the debate.

How is the new method?

Let’s see this with an example. My friend Nicola bought a property in 20/03/2014 for 150.000 € and now she sold it by 180.000 € in 01/12/2022. The catastral value is 100.000 € which 35% is to the ground.

The plusvalía is 30.000 €. We see the two options we have:

Objetive method

The value of the ground is 35.000 € x 0,15 = 5.250 €

Tax base is 5.250 € x 30% of the tax rate = 1.575 € to be paid.

The figure 0,15 is ratio which use from a table. Depending on the years, the figures are  higher or lower. There is national table but each town hall can vary this.

Real method

Transmission value: 180.000 € x 35% = 63.000 €

Purchase value: 150.000 € x 35 % = 52.500 €

Plusvalía is 10.500 € x 30% of the tax rate = 3.150 € to be paid

You can choose the most profitable option for you. The objective method in our example. Don’t forget that if you chose the real method, you have to provide the deeds which prove the figures.

Last but not least, bear in mind this tax is deductible on your capital gain tax.

Our professionals in Spanish Solutions can help you to get the result of this tax.


  • Sheila Foster

    The lawyer at the signing of my house sale tuck almost 7k for plusvvalia even though I doldrums at a loss he saud it was foe embargoes and in inverted commas said plusvalia and I know this is differnt , as I previously asked the patronata what I owed and cleared this debt last year several months before I sold my house on 23rd Nov 23.this can’t be the case now thst I have read your article. This Lawyer was working fir tge Agent and I think he was working for the buyers too but agent didn’t tell me that untill the Friday before the signing the following Monday morning,now I don’t trust him when I read the papers since I see the so called plusvalis is down as a charge for embargoes, surely if there was money owed on embargoes I would have been told that when I looked for my bill and I cleared same no word about embargoes at that time. Please help

    • Amanda Thomas

      Dear Sheila, I have written to you by email. With kind regards, Amanda

      • Amanda Thomas

        Dear Sheila, I have written to you by email. With kind regards, Amanda

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