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Act Now to Save Inheritance Taxes

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People are asking for clarity on the donation tax and inheritance tax rules and why they should act now! Brexit is coming, (we think). Absolutely nobody can predict how the landscape will look in March, but what we know for sure is: A property owner in some regions of Spain can donate their home to a family member for as… Read more »

Wealth Tax

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For those of you who remember the wealth tax which was previously abolished, Spain´s parliament have continued this year the wealth tax on those with net assets over 700,000€ . This is worldwide for residents and on just assets in Spain for non residents. Non residents need a fiscal representative to present the tax return. The main residence for residents… Read more »

You could be due a tax rebate if had a baby in Spain since 2014

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It has recently been announced that following a Supreme Court Judgement ruling in Spain, that parents who received paternity or maternity pay from the Spanish Tax office in the past 4 years, should now be able to reclaim the tax they paid on those benefits. In future, those having children will no longer be taxed on paternity or maternity pay…. Read more »

Income Tax for Non Residents

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Income Tax (Individual Income tax for Non-Residents or Non-Resident tax) Non-Resident tax is the commonly used term for the income tax charged to Spanish property owners who are non-residents. Many people do not realise that regardless of whether or not their property in Spain is rented out, they have to pay this tax each year. It is an obligation. When… Read more »

How to be prepared for an Inheritance Process

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Also other Important Interesting Points (Inheritance and Property Ownership.) We recently had a case whereby a gentleman came to us for help with completing an inheritance from his wife to him, after she had passed away in Spain. There was just a bank account. When we asked him if his wife had any other assets in Spain to take into consideration,… Read more »

Residency For British Citizens in Spain and the 3/6 Month Confusion

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From time to time we have clients say to us that on many websites it says after 3 months you must get residency, and on others that after 6 months you are legally resident. This causes a great deal of confusion to those intending to move to Spain (especially prior to Brexit) and wanting to get their paperwork in order. Spanish… Read more »

Important Spanish Inheritance and Gift Tax Update admidst Brexit Uncertainty

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Many of you will not realise that inheritance and gift tax in Spain is decided at government levels but also by each region.  Each region of Spain is autonomous and so can apply their own tax reductions to inheritances and gifts. This is very important to know as in Spain, a property is generally not owned in the same way as… Read more »

Non-Resident Tax and SUMA

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We wish to advise all our clients that the last day for payment of non resident tax in time for the 2016 tax year (it is paid a year in arrears) is 1st December.  This is due to the fact that, not only do we need to prepare the tax return forms, the bank has a large amount of taxes to… Read more »

A Revision to the Self-Employed Law in Spain (New Autonomo Law)

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From January 1, 2018, new proposals will come into effect with regard to the Self-Employed. You may find this interest if you are thinking of setting up a business in Spain, especially if moving here to set up a new business. There is an obligation to pay Social Security contributions in Spain (which cover sickness, pensions etc), and the new measures… Read more »

Confirmation Where you Live for Tax Purposes (Updated)

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Have you received a letter from a bank (perhaps in your home country) asking you to confirm where you live for tax purposes? There have been many enquiries on Facebook and forums mentioning this subject. So what is it all about? Well, these letters often say something like ‘There has been a change in the international tax legislation which has… Read more »

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