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Better taxation for Digital Nomads

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The Beckham law is not really a law, it is just an article about income tax law in Spain. The name comes from the famous English footballer, David Beckham when he came to play at Real Madrid.  The idea of this was not only to bring football stars to Spain but to make their taxes cheaper. What are the requirements? What are the advantages of this? Are there… Read more »

Non-Lucrative Visa In Spain

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Start the visa application first if you are retiring in Spain; only then start looking for your dream home in the sun. The non-lucrative visa in Spain is the “Brexit-beating” clause presented to us by the Spanish Government. British people, in particular, want to move to Spain; that has not changed. What has changed is the law here regarding the… Read more »


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Spain first launched its popular golden visa programme back in 2013.  Back then, a simple investment of €500,000 in real estate was promised to gain a family residency in the country. Unfortunately, the application process proved more complicated than we had hoped. We had Chinese and Russian applicants who successfully purchased here but the red tape was excessive. Now, post-Brexit… Read more »

Residencia to TIE exchange

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We are receiving many enquiries about if there is an obligation or not to exchange Residencia to TIE Obligation to change the Green Residence for the TIE If you applied for residency before the 1st July 2020 you will have a green residency card or A4 Green residency document. If you have green residency, you are not legally obliged to… Read more »

What Taxes Need to Be Paid When Selling in Spain?

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Many people are not aware of what is involved such as taxes to be paid when selling a property in Spain. We hope that you will find this article useful. Taxes to be Paid When Selling Capital Gains Tax The Capital Gains Tax is a tax calculated on the difference between the price when you acquired the property originally, and… Read more »

Residencia and TIE

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A change in September 2020 means when you obtain Residencia now you will be issued with an identity card called a TIE, rather than the previous small green card or certificates. There are two new processes, one for obtaining your first residencia in the form of the TIE, and a further for people who wish to change their current documentation… Read more »

Important update on Residencia (now TIE) Appointments in the Alicante region

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Please note this is changing us all the time, contact us for up to date info. Many of you have been waiting for an update on Residencia (now TIE) appointments in the Alicante Region. Appointments for Europeans (not including British Nationality) We are generally able to obtain appointments now within a short time frame for Residencias for those of European… Read more »

Blocked Bank account in Spain

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Blocked bank accounts in Spain are common unfortunately in Spain. We often have clients advise that they can no longer access their online banking or use their card and they do not understand why. Clients often do not realise until they experience a problem becuase of unpaid bills. Why might a Bank account in Spain be blocked or frozen? This… Read more »

Tourist licences in Orihuela Costa – News

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Finally Ana received good news from the Town Hall today regarding tourist licences in Orihuela Costa for Spanish solutions clients.  Two months ago we were told that they could no longer keep up with the demand in the Orihuela Costa area for people looking to rent out their Spanish homes. All the information about getting the Tourism Licence in Valencia… Read more »

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