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Spain first launched its popular golden visa programme back in 2013. 

Back then, a simple investment of €500,000 in real estate was promised to gain a family residency in the country. Unfortunately, the application process proved more complicated than we had hoped. We had Chinese and Russian applicants who successfully purchased here but the red tape was excessive.

Now, post-Brexit in particular, many British people are looking at the Golden Visa programme and it appears to be a much smoother operation these days.

Permanent Residency and Citizenship in Spain

One of the main attractions is that after five years, our clients may gain permanent residency in Spain and after ten years …. Spanish citizenship!! You don’t have to live in pain in order to get the Golden Visa or to renew it.

After living in Spain for five years, it is possible to apply for permanent residency here. If you want to apply for Spanish Citizenship, you can apply after living in Spain for ten years.

Investment schemes that are valid in Spain include property purchase, homeownership and of course the increasingly popular Equity Release investments. Please feel free to request information from Spanish Solutions on this investment vehicle with asset back returns of 7.5% guaranteed.

Renewal of the Golden Visa 

The Spanish investor visa needs to be renewed every two years but the good news is that from our experience, the government’s scheme is working!

Once You have the Golden Visa, renewal is very simple for our immigration lawyer. You don’t need to be living in Spain to renew it. But, if you want to get a Permanent Residency or Citizenship in Spain, then you will need to be living in Spain. 

Golden Visa service price

I managed to speak with Enrique yesterday afternoon about costs. Naturally, every case is different but he suggested the following guide prices: 

  • For a sole owner: 3000€
  • For a couple: —– 5000€
  • Per child: ——— 1000€

The taxes involved are not included in these prices. Although Enrique’s English is not perfect, he is also happy to deal with our client directly, or you can choose to allow Ana in our La Zenia office to coordinate everything. 

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