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Legal services help in Pilar de la Horadada and surrounding areas

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Our office in Pilar de La Horadada is closing due to the currently COVID situation but you can still avail of all our services as normal. (Well, new normal anyway!) We are still here to help you in every way we can.  Depending on the amount of notice we get, we are even available to pick you up and bring… Read more »

Should I change my British licence to a Spanish one?

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Please note that this article is now out of date and you should refer to more recent information on our website. Attention: British people resident in Spain without a Spanish licence. Like so much of the unknown out there about British people living in Spain post Brexit, we have enquiries every day about the UK driving licence. This is fairly… Read more »

Road tax in Spain What do you have to pay for your car?

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All Spanish-registered vehicle owners (including motorcycle owners) must pay an annual road tax. The amount of tax payable varies with the ‘fiscal horsepower’ of your car, which is a nominal amount not necessarily related to the engine power of a vehicle. Payment Road tax must be paid to your local authority, usually some time between March and May. Payment on… Read more »

Road Traffic Accidents in Spain

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Some general advice first. If a person has been injured, or a vehicle damaged, or one party will not give their details then the police should be called. It is fairly obvious but a person involved in an accident should always assist anyone injured and exhange contact and insurance details. This is a legal obligation, yet people still drive away…… Read more »

Road Rules for Helmets in Spain

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For those who are unsure of the legalities regarding the use of helmets in Spain, drivers and passengers of motorcycles, or motorcycles with side-cars, three-wheeled vehicles, mopeds and quads must use properly approved helmets.  Not using a helmet is considered a serious infraction that could lose you three points from a driving licence. Remember that if a moped or motorcycle passenger does… Read more »

Road Rules on Safety Belts in Spain (Including for Children)

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Do you know all the rules in Spain about safety belts in cars, motorbikes etc.? The N332 Group of Guardia Civil officers have been translating Spanish law to help us learn the rules, and here is some of the information. 1. Drivers and occupants of motor vehicles and mopeds are obliged to use a safety belt, helmet and other protective elements…. Read more »

New Rules on Child Seats in Spain

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What is i-Size? There has been a new European law on Child Seats, which affects all of Europe. It is called i-Size and is aimed to improve the safety of child seats. If the car seat you are not using is not i-sized, you do not need to rush out to buy a new one, as the existing regulation on car… Read more »

Road Rules on Lights and Indicators in Spain

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If you have a problem with the lights on your car in Spain and are forced to drive with them not working properly, then you must reduce your speed until you can stop your car in an illuminated area. Sometimes, drivers, have a bulb gone on their main headlights and then drive with the full beam lights instead. But drivers… Read more »

Overtaking in Spain and Other Driving Issues

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Overtaking This morning on a back road near Las Colinas Golf Course, I saw a car nearly cause two accidents by some terrible overtaking. He or she nearly caused two serious problems within the space of a few minutes. Whatever their excuse, late for work, a meeting, whatever, there is no possible excuse for endangering other people´s lives in this way…. Read more »

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