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Better taxation for Digital Nomads

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The Beckham law is not really a law, it is just an article about income tax law in Spain. The name comes from the famous English footballer, David Beckham when he came to play at Real Madrid.  The idea of this was not only to bring football stars to Spain but to make their taxes cheaper. What are the requirements? What are the advantages of this? Are there… Read more »

Murcia City (A day out)

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If you are wondering what to do on your next visit for a day out, consider a day in Murcia. The city was founded by the Arabs during the 1st century. Since then, it has been a crossroads for different civilizations and core of the Mediterranean as it occupies an important location on the Rio Segura. The impressive Basilica (Cathedral),… Read more »

La Tomatina (Tomato Festival) Spain 2019

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It can only be in Spain, that the residents of a small town in Valencia, of usually under 10,000 people, produce each year in their sleepy little place, an incredible spectacle of a giant food fight involving more than 20,000 people… oh and a lot of tomatoes! (Before ticketing was instigated, apparently there were more than double that amount of… Read more »

Wines and Vineyards of Murcia

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Just a short drive from the Orihuela Costa, the Murcia region is home to three DO wines, which are wines that comply to various conditions for production, these wines are Bullas, Jumilla and Yecla. Vines are said to have been introduced to the region by the Phoenicians in ancient times. Murcia’s winemaking reputation has been somewhat inconsistent through the centuries…. Read more »

Carrascoy and El Valle Natural Park

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The Carrascoy and El Valle Natural Park is a protected area not far from Murcia (about 6km) close to the district of La Alberca and easily reached by hire car. The park covers an area in excess of 16000 hectares, reaches heights of 1000 metres and the landscape is dominated by dense forests of Aleppo pine. There are over 600… Read more »

Discover the Oceanografic in Valencia…

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What is the Oceanografic? This is one of the most famous and interesting places to visit in Valencia with its magnificent modern structures in the form of nine different towers. A great place to visit in Valencia especially with the children or grandkids. The Oceanografic is situated in the East of Valencia and forms part of the cultural complex of the… Read more »

Shock Sunday Closing Zenia Boulevard, Habaneras and Supermarkets

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Many Shoppers got a shock this week finding that the Zenia Boulevard and Habaneras shops were now closed on a Sunday after years of being opened virtually every day. This is because in March 2015 a law was passed to limit Sunday opening and weekly opening hours, which would not come into effect until March 2018, which is why many… Read more »

The Nickelodeon Theme Park in Murcia

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Did you know about the Nickelodeon Theme Park in Murcia? This adventure theme park for children recently opened on the 1st of December 2017. It is located inside the Thader shopping centre in Murcia (opposite the Nueva Condomina shopping centre) on the ground floor with 5,000 square metres of fun and games for you and your little ones! Get the chance… Read more »

Archaeological Museum in Murcia

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If you fancy something a little different for a day, the Archaeological Museum in Murcia is well worth visiting. It shows some of the most important pieces recovered from archaeological sites in the Murcia region and some audiovisual exhibits. This is an excellent article about it. Murcia has a rich archaeological heritage as this area of Spain has been… Read more »

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