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More than any other issue, tax in Spain can seem utterly bewildering. The Spanish Government itself didn’t realise it was breaking the law until they received a notification from the European Union a few years back so what chance do we have?

We do not believe that any individual in Spain is morally bound to pay one euro more in tax than is their legal obligation. This is our attitude in our business and it´s the advice we give our clients. Pay your tax, no more.

Questions on tax get asked on a frequent basis and debated at length on social forums, in the bar and on Facebook. Our advice is read widely but only take advice from those who have knowledge and experience; it is too serious an issue to get it wrong; shortcuts here can cost you everything.

Please see our pages below for some basic information and an idea of what we can advise you on. With regard to paying your tax in Spain, it is best to contact us and arrange an appointment with our tax expert.

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