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Food in Spanish bars is a topic we sometimes get approached for advice on. This week one of our customers who owns a Spanish bar has just asked us if we could help with some actual legal clarification as to what food in Spanish bars is allowed to be prepared/served in a bar with a cafeteria licence? There are many small bars and cafes of course that the customers like it if they can serve some food, also it can be a draw for in bars in Spain

He has found that the town hall seem to advise one thing, the police who visit and inspect something different. And of course, the customers all have their views too.

He asked if it was a matter that Spanish Solutions could advise on.

One of our advisers has done the appropriate checks and found this information for the whole Valencian community.

Bars or Cafeterias (they come under the same classification) with no kitchens are allowed to have table service and they can serve:

– tapas

– raciones (it is the same food than “tapas” but a bigger amount of food)

– bocadillos (sandwiches)

However, if the bar/cafeteria has a kitchen, then it is allowed to have a set price menu for customers.

There are no more specific rules for food in Spanish bars/cafeterias as it is intended the food is quite simple.

We hope this helps and if anyone needs other help with a business issue then please advise us of the detail and we will see if we can help.

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