The most useful thing the Administration invented: The Digital Signature


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Digital Signature in Spain

During the COVID-19 pandemic our lives were more digital than ever. Not only for entertainment but also for work. We saw thousands of companies allowing their employees to work from home. Our world is digital and the Administration shouldn’t be an exception. Luckily, we can do pretty much all our paperwork from home because we have the digital signature and digital certificate.

What is the digital signature?

It is a digital file which allows us to identify people online. It has our ID data and it guarantees the authenticity by an official certified organisation. Although this has been going on since 2003, its only within the last 10 years that it’s become more regularly used by citizens.

What can I do with the digital signature?

We can save time to do your paperwork with the administration. How many times did you go to an appointment, and you wasted your time because you forgot one document? This digital file allows us to forget that.

Examples of what you can do:

  • Submitting taxes
  • Checking debts with the administration
  • Paying fines online
  • Getting a certificate of your padrón
  • Submitting appeals
  • Receiving official letters and notifications online
  • Signing documents online. Totally valid in Spain as your writing signature.

How can I get my digital signature?

In Spanish Solutions we have an agreement with UANATACA, a certified organisation to issue digital signatures. Please, contact our team and we will explain the instructions to get one.

Certified stamp from UANATACA

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