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Purchasing Property in Spain

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Purchasing property can often seem like a daunting process. You should look for a team who are very experienced . Our legal team prepares all. the paperwork. You can relax knowing we make buying a property as easy and stress-free as possible. We double check the legalities of the property purchase. Also provide advice and legal contracts between both parties and translation in the Notary…. Read more »

What Not to Do When Buying a Property in Spain

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Many articles on buying in Spain are full of the positives, enticing you to go ahead without forewarning of any potential problems. Buyers cannot expect in a different country, even if another European country, to have the same legal system and processes as their own country and it is essential to use a professional, experienced conveyancer in order to avoid… Read more »

Act Now to Save Inheritance Taxes

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People are asking for clarity on the donation tax and inheritance tax rules and why they should act now! Brexit is coming, (we think). Absolutely nobody can predict how the landscape will look in March, but what we know for sure is: A property owner in some regions of Spain can donate their home to a family member for as… Read more »

New Revised Law on Rentals

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At the end of 2018, we wrote to advise that  a new Spanish law was published Ley 21/2018, on urgent measures to do with rentals, which comes into force December 19 2018. Now Pedro Sánchez of PSOE has updated this with a new law Ley 7/2019, which came into force March 6th 2019. This modifies the previous six laws. Once… Read more »

Fortuna Golf Court Resolution (No Win No Fee)

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Did you buy years ago in the town of For­tuna (Murcia) and the prop­er­ties were never com­pleted? Are you aware that an Alic­ante Court con­demned Banco Pop­u­lar to re­pay two mil­lion euros to more than 60 people who in­ves­ted in this development project? Would you like a chance to get back the money you paid, plus interest? Then please contact… Read more »

Buying a Property – Expenses

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Many people are interested in buying a property in Spain but are unsure about what they are letting themselves in for afterwards regarding ongoing expenses. Buying the Actual Property You will have to pay for the following:- Purchase – NIE number if you don’t have one already. The price varies but expect around 130€.  A  NIE number is an identification… Read more »

Should You Use The Solicitor your Agent Recommends?

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The Agent When purchasing or selling a property in Spain, usually a client  is dealing with the estate agent first, so very often it is the agent who suggests a particular solicitor for the clients to use often offering an incentive (or even including the legal service within their fees). Is this a problem? Well, the British Consulate’s advice is to… Read more »

What can go wrong if you do not have legal representation when buying or selling a property in Spain?

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I still am surprised when I read posts on facebook on the forums and someone asks for a recommendation for legal help in buying or selling a property and there is always one who says, do it yourself it is easy! Firstly, I am quite sure that most of the time that particular person has not actually done all the work… Read more »

Brexit For British Nationals Travelling and Living in Spain

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In recent months meetings have taken place for British living in Spain attended by representatives of the British Consulate. We understand that many things were discussed, the most important being that was for those who live in Spain full time, if you are a resident, and on the Padron, which is the equivalent of the electoral roll (Padron should be… Read more »

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