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Purchasing property can often seem like a daunting process and you should look for a team that are experienced in the legalities of purchasing property in Spain. Spanish Solutions have performed thousands of successful property transactions over the last decade.

The same complications attached to buying, apply to selling, renting, transfer of deeds and all other transactions with regard to property.

Just imagine if you will:

  • You sell your property through an agent you don’t personally know. You sign the contract for 100,000 euro, pack and book your flights to take off a few hours after the notary deal is completed. You get to the notary and find out the agent now has left you 3,000€ short on your payment. What do you do? Cancel the deal or go ahead knowing he stole 3,000€ from you?
  • You’ve rented your apartment in Spain privately to people you met outside a bar. All goes well for three months then suddenly the payments stop. The tenants tell you they are no longer paying rent due to the recession and are not moving out. Who do you turn to?
  • You come to Spain on an inspection trip and buy through an agent you know just works from her car/living room. You got a good deal however and paid over the 10,000 euro deposit she asked you for directly into her bank account. You get a call a week later from her telling you she has been fined for non payment of tax and now has an embargo on all her bank assets including her “client account” which is really just her private current account. The 10,000 euro you have paid has been confiscated by the Spanish revenue, she is a non registered agent so they do not want to help you.

If you are not using an experienced and legal conveyancing firm with happy clients, you may be in big trouble. If you come to us, our conveyancing team with their years of experience can prepare the paperwork, hold your hand through the process, and advise you professionally.

Just relax with the full knowledge that the process will be made as easy and stress-free as possible. From double-checking the legalities of a property purchase, to providing advice and legal contracts between both parties, to the translation in the Notary in most modern languages, Spanish Solutions will accompany you every step of the way. It’s what we do.

We cannot emphasise how important it is that all these aspects are covered by experienced people to ensure no problems arise in the future.

This is not the time to try and save a few euro by taking short cuts. You would not do it at home – please don’t do it here. Protect your Spanish property and protect your investment.

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