Property For Sale Directly By Owner


No Agent – No Commision – Just Pay Yourself!

Buying or selling your apartment or house privately so there are no agent fees? We can help you with our friendly, professional expertise and give you the tools you need to execute a successful sale.

You pay us nothing but our legal fees. Why do you need us…?

We provide all the legal paperwork.

We draw up, translate and provide you with an office where you can sign the legally binding contracts.

You receive a professional “For Sale by Owner ” sign for maximum exposure.

We hold the buyers deposits on account and issue legal receipts.

We help with negotiations.

Buyers and sellers are properly protected legally.

We translate for buyers and sellers (English, German, French, Bulgarian, Swedish).

We transfer all utilities to the new owner – electricity, water, community etc.

We provide Peace of Mind.

We provide you with an inventory form.

When a prospective buyer is interested in your property, contact us and we will arrange contracts, provide an impartial third party professional setting for you to meet, and progress the sale. And of course, with no agent fees, all the money paid by the buyer will be yours to keep!

Alternatively, if you are looking to buy a house, and you will be contacting the owner direct, you can rely on us to help you through the purchase process and ensure everything is legal. You can expect excellent service, proper contracts, and also a better price, as the owner doesn’t have to pay a large percentage of the purchase price to an agent!

No law requires you to hire an estate agent when you sell a house. Some work you can do yourself, however, to sell your house privately, you need to deal with the legalities also, which is virtually impossible to do by yourself in Spain.

We will take of this side for you. We can represent the buyer and seller, all the way through the negotiation stages providing a third party environment to meet, assistance with the preparation of the purchase contract and dealing with checking the paperwork, obtaining documents from the buyer and seller and providing the vital liaison between the two, fiscal representation and translation at the Notary on completion.

The most common way in which property is purchased is by way of a contract prepared by the seller’s estate agent, and signed at the estate agent’s office. We have property contracts that you can use for your private purchase/sale.  If you have already signed the Contract Note or Contract of Sale, you should send a copy to our office.

Once we have dealt with the contract for you, we will obtain documents relating to the property from the Seller and commence the legal work.

If the buyer is obtaining a mortgage, or if a seller already has a mortgage, we will work with the Bank to progress the sale. As completion approaches we will prepare all the necessary documentation and can act for the buyer and seller liasing between the two, contacting each party. On completion day we will attend the Notary with both parties, translate and ensure that matters progress smoothly.

For the seller, we will calculate the 3% retention, calculate and advise regarding capital gains and plusvalia and fiscally represent you through the transaction.

Finally, we will send you a letter to confirm that the matter has been completed, and handle the transfer of utilities, community charges and SUMA invoices given that the ownership of the property has changed.

We charge a special price as a package for both buyer and seller.

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