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A Licence of First Occupation is granted when a house is first built in order to prove it is in a habitable state. In some regions of Spain, including our region, the Valencia region, a 2nd Occupation Licence is also required at times, such as when selling (especially as utility contracts will need to be changed), or for when doing alterations to the property.

The first thing we would check when a client asks about this is where is the property. 

To arrange the licence, an architect will need to go to the property and prepare architectural plans so they will need keys or a visit.   We can arrange the whole process.

We would need a copy of your NIE, your title deed and a recent SUMA(IBI) bill. 

Once the paperwork is ready we pay a tax at the town hall and the stamped Declaration takes approx. a week to ten days.

It is as simple as that for you, instead of the onerous paperwork our end, and if you are selling or donating your property, or have inherited one, please contact us and we can assist with this. 



  • Matthew Ashman

    I have a property near Caco Roig which i inherited a number of years ago. Unfortunately the work done by our solicitor was poor and despite repeatedly chasing, the utility bills were never changed in to our names.
    We have just limped along paying them under our parents name until our account was recently cancelled.
    We have been told that we need a second occupation licence to now set up teh utilities in my name but I live in the UK and it is difficult for us to arrange this.
    Is this something that you can do for us and can you please let us know what the costs are for the service?
    Thanks in advance.

    • Jane

      Hi Matthew

      I have e mailed you to confirm one of the team will let you know what we can do and the cost.

      Kind Regards


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