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Last week we were approached by a lady named Carole who explained that in 2008 she had purchased a property close to this area. At the time, she was single and needed to get a mortgage, so she agreed with her older brother that he be used as a guarantor for mortgage purposes. As often if the translator is not very clear or someone gives power of attorney and does not fully realise what they are doing, they did actually include his name in the deeds at the time and on the mortgage.

Carole has since married, has a family and wants to sort out the issue so that the future of her family is secured, so she approached us.

Basically, she needs her brother´s name removed from the deeds and the mortgage, a division of joint tenancy or change of ownership.

If you know someone in a similar situation, whereby they would like the property to go from a joint ownership to a sole ownership, we can assist in a much less expensive legal way than by the usual normal purchase and sale of the share of the property.

We normally find this arises as a result of a former business type partnership ending, a divorce or separation, or just a family situation like that described above.

Please contact Amanda Thomas on if you would like our help or know someone who does.

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