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Residencia to TIE swop

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Should you have applied for residency before the 1st July 2020 you will have a green residency card or A4 Green residency document. If you have the green residency documents you are not legally obliged to obtain the new plastic TIE Card, but you are invited to apply for one by the Spanish government if you would like one. The new card... Read more »


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The deadline for submission of the Model of 720 (January 1 to April 1, 2021) for which goods and rights located abroad and valued above EUR 50,000 must be declared. It is a purely informative presentation, but of an essential nature, since the penalties for its non-filing or out-of-time submission are high. Under the “anti-fraud” plan launched in 2013, the... Read more »

What happens to your home in Spain when entering a nursing home?

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Entering a nurding home

Your heirs may not have any estate to enjoy in Spain after your days, when entering a nursing home. Do you think one day you may be entering a nursing home. First the good news: well, life expectancy in Spain is high. Chances are you’ll live well into your 80s, your 90s and possibly even longer. Maybe not even entering... Read more »

Investment Opportunities in Equity Release Spain.

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We have a number of elderly retirees who are keen to unlock the capital in their homes. They wish to stay there for life, giving investors an opportunity to buy a freehold property with amazing price reductions. Whilst savings are gaining no income in the bank, what can you do to get better returns on your investment? Here are some... Read more »

Residencia and TIE

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Residencias and TIES

A change in September 2020 means when you obtain Residencia now you will be issued with an identity card called a TIE, rather than the previous small green card or certificates. There are two new processes, one for obtaining your first residencia in the form of the TIE, and a further for people who wish to change their current documentation... Read more »

How to Obtain a Tourist Licence (Valencia Community)

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Tourist Licence Valencia comunity

Now that we are receiving a number of enquiries about registering a property in the Valencian Community we wish to provide clients with some information about obtain a Tourist Licence. As it is a complex matter, we are setting the information out as clearly as possible. Currently our registration service fees are 40€ + VAT = 48.40€. We also can... Read more »

10,000 Sqm Plot for sale in San Miguel de Salinas, Alicante, Spain.

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We have a plot of land for sale that is primed for development. Maybe you want to beat Brexit with a new life in Spain? This might be it!  Situated in the Hacienda “ERA” on the outskirts of the village of San Miguel de Salinas. This plot is within walking distance to the popular town centre. The town of San... Read more »

The Client Journey

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  Well, here we are at last 2021 has arrived. It has been a roller coaster of a year for most of us and we can now look forward to the progress of the vaccine programme, and hopefully a healthier and happier year ahead. I would like to take this opportunity on our first newsletter of this year to introduce... Read more »

Evictions in Spain

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Evictions in Spain have had some legal changes over the past week, with new regulations. These entered into law in Spain on 23/12/20 and will apply until the 9/5/21, which is currently the official end of the State of Alarm. Contrary to what many people think, there is not a speedy process for evictions in Spain. It can still take... Read more »

Important Spanish Legal Terms To Know

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spanish legal terms

What are the important Spanish legal terms to know or useful words? We are going to explain here some of them here. A list might be confusing, so let’s start with terms to do with law. Spanish Terms for Law First of all lawyers or solicitors are called abogados (or abogadas if female). We have one of each on our... Read more »


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Bare Ownership Opportunity – An Investment deal in Hondon De Frailes, Alicante, Spain.  We have recently met a lovely lady who is selling her bare ownership property in Hondon de los Frailes.  Firstly, to clearly explain: the owner is not selling her property for you to live in. What is Being Sold? She is selling the property in a bare... Read more »

What is Derecho De Tanteo y Retracto?

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derecho de tanteo y retracto

Derecho De Tanteo y Retracto is to do with a new law in the Valencia region of Spain. This became law in June in 2020. It affects property as it gives the Valencian government the right to first refusal and withdrawal of property transactions. How Does Derecho de Tanteo Y Retracto Affect Clients? Basically if an owner is selling their... Read more »

Update on Spain; Covid, Brexit and even time for some fun!

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Welcome everyone to our latest Spanish Solutions update.  Spain is recovering as well as can be expected, despite the impact of COVID19. This week’s figures as of 27/11/20 are 1,637,844 cases to date with, sadly, 44,374 deaths. While the current border closure and night curfew restrictions are set to be reviewed on 9th December, 2020, the president of the Valencian... Read more »

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