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Wines and Vineyards of Murcia

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Just a short drive from the Orihuela Costa, the Murcia region is home to three DO wines, which are wines that comply to various conditions for production, these wines are Bullas, Jumilla and Yecla. Vines are said to have been introduced to the region by the Phoenicians in ancient times. Murcia’s winemaking reputation has been somewhat inconsistent through the centuries.... Read more »

Road tax in Spain What do you have to pay for your car?

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All Spanish-registered vehicle owners (including motorcycle owners) must pay an annual road tax. The amount of tax payable varies with the ‘fiscal horsepower’ of your car, which is a nominal amount not necessarily related to the engine power of a vehicle. Payment Road tax must be paid to your local authority, usually some time between March and May. Payment on... Read more »

Road Traffic Accidents in Spain

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Some general advice first. If a person has been injured, or a vehicle damaged, or one party will not give their details then the police should be called. It is fairly obvious but a person involved in an accident should always assist anyone injured and exhange contact and insurance details. This is a legal obligation, yet people still drive away…... Read more »

Income Tax for Non Residents

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Income Tax (Individual Income tax for Non-Residents or Non-Resident tax) Non-Resident tax is the commonly used term for the income tax charged to Spanish property owners who are non-residents. Many people do not realise that regardless of whether or not their property in Spain is rented out, they have to pay this tax each year. It is an obligation. When... Read more »

How to Obtain a Tourist Licence (Valencia Community)

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Now that we are receiving a number of enquiries about registering a property in the Valencian Community we wish to provide clients with some information about this. As it is a complex matter, we are setting the information out as clearly as possible. Currently our registration service fees are 40€ + VAT = 48.40€. Please send any documents and requests... Read more »

Buying a Property – Expenses

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Many people are interested in buying a property in Spain but are unsure about what they are letting themselves in for afterwards regarding ongoing expenses. Buying the Actual Property You will have to pay for the following:- Purchase – NIE number if you don’t have one already. The price varies but expect around 130€.  A  NIE number is an identification... Read more »

A Padron – who should register?

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Officially all residents in Spain are required by law to register on the padrón, yet many British ex-pats still have not done so. Perhaps some view the padrón as a means of vigilance by the state, in ‘big-brother’ fashion. However, in reality, it is simply a way for the town hall to know how many people live in their area,... Read more »

What is Spanish Solutions Role When Purchasing a Property in Spain?

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From the first time clients meet the Spanish Solutions team, often after a referral from a friend or family member, they really trust Spanish Solutions. We can understand why. Many clients often ask us can they purchase their spanish property directly from Spanish Solutions as they know they would receive honest unbiased advice. We have processed 8,000 deals since 2005.... Read more »

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