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What unexpected services do we provide?

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1) Legal – I wonder if sometimes people think we mainly deal with administrative bureaucracy such as sorting water, electric and paperwork problems. We do far more than that. We have had a lawyer working with us over ten years, and now have two lawyers working with us. Besides dealing with conveyancing (or the legal assistance when buying or selling... Read more »

Spanish Multi-Currency Mortgage Claims

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Many people are now aware that the European Court of Justice ruled on abusive clauses such as Mortgage Floor Clauses, put in a mortgage deed by some banks which basically meant that when interest rates went down the bank retained a minimum floor clause, so customers still paid a high interest. Not so common are multi-currency mortgages in Spain, but... Read more »

The New Legal Procedure for Holiday Rentals (Valencia Region)

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You may recall last year that we posted an article about the new law that it is obligatory for all owners letting out properties as holiday lets in the Valencia region with no official agent to apply for a tourist licence  (we can only comment on our area). Please see this article on tourism licences https://www.spanishsolutions.net/blog/legal-issues-in-spain/tourism-licence/ A client has now suggested to us... Read more »

What can go wrong if you do not have legal representation when buying or selling a property in Spain?

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I still am surprised when I read posts on facebook on the forums and someone asks for a recommendation for legal help in buying or selling a property and there is always one who says, do it yourself it is easy! Firstly, I am quite sure that most of the time that particular person has not actually done all the work... Read more »

Children in the digital age: how to protect your children

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Should parents supervise, or even spy on, their children’s mobiles, computers and tablets?   Experts use the term “active parental mediation” to refer to what in every home is known as “being aware of what the child is doing” The coordinator of the Spanish Security Center for Children on the Internet, Manuel Ransán, advises parents to support “parental control tools... Read more »

Large Credit to a Joint Bank account – a Gift or Donation for Spanish Tax?

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A Large Credit to a Bank Account in Spain If you, for example, have a joint bank account in La Zenia, Spain, and you want to send a large sum of money to it, do you understand how it will be viewed by the Spanish Tax Authorities? Often we assume that the law in Spain is the same as the law... Read more »

Important Spanish Inheritance and Gift Tax Update admidst Brexit Uncertainty

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Many of you will not realise that inheritance and gift tax in Spain is decided at government levels but also by each region.  Each region of Spain is autonomous and so can apply their own tax reductions to inheritances and gifts. This is very important to know as in Spain, a property is generally not owned in the same way as... Read more »

Discover the Oceanografic in Valencia…

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What is the Oceanografic? This is one of the most famous and interesting places to visit in Valencia with its magnificent modern structures in the form of nine different towers. A great place to visit in Valencia especially with the children or grandkids. The Oceanografic is situated in the East of Valencia and forms part of the cultural complex of the... Read more »

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