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Litigation for Construction Problems

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Something we, in Spanish Solutions, have a great deal of experience with is litigation for construction problems. There are good builders and there are bad builders here just like there are back home. Sometimes the mistakes by bad builders need a lawyer to push the situation. Otherwise the problem is never going to get resolved and the clients cannot enjoy... Read more »

Why hire a professional photographer to sell your home:

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Are you selling your property in spain? Sell faster and for more money with a simple property hack. I’ve been in the spanish real estate business since 2001. The two hardest things for me to explain to the agents who worked for my company were the importance A) a good client follow up system B) understanding the importance of professional... Read more »

Cheap Flights from Murcia Airport to the Canaries

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We have been pleased to notice that the airport at Corvera, Murcia International airport has started new routes to the Canaries, at very cheap prices. The Canary Islands airline https://www.bintercanarias.com/ which many people will not have heard of, have many flights over the winter for very cheap prices. You can fly from Murcia to the Canaries for approx. 50€ return in... Read more »

Time I need to worry about a criminal proceeding in Spain?

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Recently, we have had a few people say they have had a criminal proceeding started against them in Spain. They have been unsure whether they could forget about it and leave it and it will eventually disappear. If you do not respond to Spanish crminal proceedings? If you do not engage with the Spanish criminal proceedings and you  never return... Read more »

Legal Confidentiality

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Confidentiality is an important issue in our type of work. Every day, in the course of our work, clients need to disclose a great deal of information that is confidential. So what is our responsibility with regard to that information? Spanish lawyers cannot disclose information nor documents given to them by a client. Or course nor paperwork or correspondence with... Read more »

Investing in Bare ownership in Spain

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Investing in Bare ownership in Spain.   Spanish Solutions have been speaking to some interested parties about Bare Ownership in Spain and how property owners here can get this form of equity release in Spain.  What about the other side of the deal- The investors? Are you looking to invest in Spain and do good at the same time?  Maybe... Read more »

Modelo 720, Reporting of Overseas Assets – a Possible Reprieve

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What is Modelo 720? In 2017, we posted this article regarding Modelo 720 or the Reporting of Overseas Assets https://www.spanishsolutions.net/blog/taxes-in-spain/new-reporting-law-of-overseas-assets-for-spanish-fiscal-residents-2/ . At that time, quite controversionally, the Spanish tax office had published the obligation for all residents to provide information to the tax office on their assets overseas. Also to continue this on an annual basis, if there had been... Read more »

Change to Donation Taxes Update

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Over the past months, we have written many times about transferring  property in Spain from parent’s names to that of your children as a donation, or early inheritance. A number of people in the last year have donated their properties to their adult children, as the tax allowances in the Valencia region are currently very generous at 100,000€ tax free... Read more »

How to be a Real Estate Agent in Spain

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5 Ways Spanish Solutions Can Help Your Real Estate Business in Spain   Dear Soon-to-be-better Spanish Estate Agent, Selling the benefits of a law firm in Spain is not very sexy, cool or exciting. Spanish Solutions is not any ordinary firm, We ́re sure about that. We can offer you five reasons why you will benefit from your clients working... Read more »

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