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Plus Valia tax while selling your Home in Spain. 

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Here at Spanish Solutions, we like to give our clients exact figures of what will be left once they sell their Spanish property.  Usually, it is straightforward enough, but as the exchange below between a property seller of ours and Rafa shows, sometimes things are not so easy. Rafa is a tax and accounting expert. So what is the plusvalía or... Read more »

New Autonomo’s scheme, self-employed in Spain

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As you might have already read on the internet or on the news, the Ministry of Social Security in Spain has approved in Parliament a new scheme for Autonomos. These are self-employed people who work here and many ex-pats fit this category. From 1st January 2023, the new rules begin. Effectively, if you are self-employed in Spain you will pay your... Read more »

Spanish Solutions newsletter June 2022.

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If you’d like to be included in our database to receive a newsletter every now and then, please just let us know. This month we discuss how Irish people can skip long medical waiting lists; a new Irish bar in La Zenia; the constantly rising demand for property in Spain and more… Some of the formattings have been lost here... Read more »

Spanish property sales outlook June 2022.

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The Spanish property boom is set to continue.  Predictions are positive from the Analistas Financieros Internacionales, Spanish land registrars’ association and Bankinter. The post-Covid, post-Brexit, surge in Spanish property is set to continue according to some serious experts in the sector. The 2022 outlook is very favourable, despite the obvious challenges. People have just had enough of waiting for the perfect... Read more »

Skip the medical waiting lists in Ireland with this incredible FREE service.

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Spanish Solutions announce a new partnership. Surgery Now is getting Irish people off the HSE lists. Skip the medical waiting lists in Ireland with this incredible FREE service.  Here in Spanish Solutions over the years we’ve met with some wonderful partners.  The team here has helped people to open businesses in the hairdressing, bar/restaurant, real estate, mechanical and many other... Read more »

Skip the medical waiting list in Ireland and get your Surgery NOW!

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Governements are paying Patients to come to Spain for surgery. Do you need any type of surgery and you can’t wait for the call any more? Are you on a medical waiting list in Ireland?  Did you know that the Irish government will pay you to come to Spain to get your procedure done here in Alicante?  It’s Free; why... Read more »

Are Russian and Ukrainians still buying property in Spain?

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How does the Russian Ukraine conflict affect Spain?  We are conscious here to not in any way sound political. We have many Russian and Ukrainian individual clients and they are all innocent in the invasion.  The housing market in Spain is not by any means top of the list of concerns. Anyway we write about what we understand.  How conflict... Read more »

Are you looking to find the perfect business in Spain?

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A lifestyle, activity based business in Spain for sale, lease or Joint venture. Introducing; Rio Natura Camping, Alcoy, Spain.   We are introducing to the market a brand new business, with the ink still wet on the licenses, after many years of bureaucracy. Now, the campsite known as Rio Natura is ready to launch in time for the 2022 market.  ‘Outside... Read more »

Do I pay inheritance tax in Andalucia?

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What is the latest inheritance tax law in Spain? A client of Spanish Solutions, Maria sent us the following request and we thought it was worth publishing it here. From Maria: What is my inheritance tax liability on a villa in Malaga? Hello, Rafa. I’m Maria a long term client of Comaskey properties and Spanish solutions since 2005. We are... Read more »

How to sell a property in Spain.

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Now is the time to sell your house in Spain. Here are a few simple steps. Prices are booming; the British buyers are back and there is a confident feeling in the air in Spain!  Clients ask us every day; “how can I sell my house in Spain”. Estate agents often forget that many of our sellers are looking for options.... Read more »

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