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Reasons For Looking at a Will

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There are many reasons for looking at a Will, whether to write a new one, or to review one. Not only in these very difficult times with covid-19 in mind but generally. Family Reasons Some family reasons for writing a Will could be the birth of a child or of grandchildren or nephews and nieces. Alternatively an adoption in the... Read more »

Initiatives to help Small Businesses in Spain

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Many small businesses in Spain are suffering from a short term cash flow crisis. The government is trying to help and has two new measures released this week. Loans for Small Businesses We spoke previously in a blog post about the 10-year loans at an interest rate of 0% for small to medium sized companies (small businesses and medium businesses)... Read more »

Insurance in Spain During Coronavirus

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Insurance. What do do if you have a claim, renewal etc. Many businesses are still running on the Costa Blanca because they need to and we need them. The Insurance sector is one such business. We heard from Right Move insurance for example, this week and that is certainly a vital service. We deal with Donna and a few other insurance... Read more »

Coronavirus in Spain.

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Coronavirus in Spain, fines, unemployment benefit and more. “May you live in Interesting times”. I would love to be living in very uninteresting times just now, but as you are aware, that is not the way things are!  Spain has been hit pretty bad by the virus. According to the official reports Spain is flattening the curve. Because of the welcome news... Read more »

Assistance for the Self-Employed – Coronavirus

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Assistance for the self-employed or autónomos is now available in Spain. The coronavirus pandemic has caused devastation amongst the workforce and businesses and self.employed people alike. The government published a decree on the 14th March ordering many businesses to close. There was then a further law on the 30th March which restricted many more workers. As at now (7.4.20), all... Read more »

Now is the time to look at gifting a Property in Spain to Children.

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Many will not be aware that a new government of the region of Valencia started ruling in the Autumn of last year and they suggested they are going to erase all the allowances for gifting and probates. This will mean a lot of people will pay considerably more inheritance or gifting tax in the future. We are trying to arrange as... Read more »

Legal Actions in Lockdown – Now is the time for a Win

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Legal Actions in lockdown in Spain (or during the State of Alarm) are all currently frozen. As most peope would imagine. So except for criminal or labour issues all the Courts are closed in Spain. You have a Legal Case in the Courts If you have a current legal case in the Courts, then after the recent Royal Decree this... Read more »

Dismissals During Coronavirus

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We are getting a huge amount of enquiries regarding dismissals during this stage of alarm due to Coronavirus. We can help both employers and employees depending on the issue. Dismissals Due to Coronavirus There are strict employment laws relating to dismissal in Spain. The law covers “force majeure”. This is when an event happens which is out of the control... Read more »

Unemployment benefits during the Coronavirus crisis in Spain

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Emergency Economic Measures Introduced By Spanish Government. 19.3.2020 Clearly, Spain is currently in a very extreme financial situation. The climate is changing constantly but this is the most up to date information we have to hand.  The Spanish government have said they will help people, including:- Tax debts already in place will be able to be paid now in instalments... Read more »

Bank won’t release funds after someone dies

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bank frozen

The bank won’t release funds after someone dies. This situation can be so frustrating. After a parent or member of the family dies, you go to the Spanish bank, show them the death certificate. And they still will notunblock the account or release funds. Why the Bank will not release funds? It doesn’t matter whether the assets of the deceased... Read more »

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