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Health Cover in Spain for our British and non-European clients.

We’re often asked, “do we need private medical care if we intend to move to Spain or indeed if we live here in Spain already?”

The answer as in so many of these cases is; It depends. 

There are two main types of clients who need private medical care; 

  • British people who can no longer take advantage of Spanish health care. For our Non-lucrative visa clients (British people who are living in Spain, post-Brexit, and have applied for a visa to live in Spain with any economic benefit). This category also contains other non-European citizens. 
  • Those who have access to public health but just feel they need the security of private cover. It is true to say that the Spanish health system is in the WHO’s top ten worldwide ranking of efficient health systems. The Spanish National Health System (SNS) has undergone reform recently and it is not as efficient as it used to be. Look at the recent negative changes in Torrevieja hospital for example. 

Private insurance in Spain buys you peace of mind. 

Private health insurance guarantees quick access to medical attention without waiting lists at the best centres and with the best specialists across the country. 

A surgical procedure in Spain booked through the public system will take an average of 120 days as opposed to 30 days through the private system. 

We recently spoke to our neighbours in La Zenia, DKV health insurance and asked how they can help our ex-pat clients with their medical needs. 

DKV Integral offers the best medical specialists and centres in Spain; For example, they work with Clínica Universidad de Navarra, Teknon clinic, the Quirón Hospital Group, the Ruber clinic, and more. 

Josefina from DKV insurance explained some of the benefits to us. 

WHAT IS DKV INTEGRAL? (private medical insurance in Spain) 

Medical assistance insurance through DKV Seguros (Seguros is Spanish for Insurance!) includes:

• General medicine. So included is primary care, paediatrics, nursing services and even 24-hour medical emergencies.

• Medical specialities such as cardiology, dermatology, neurology, traumatology, gynaecology, oncology.

• Diagnostic and therapeutical techniques like ultrasounds, magnetic resonances, CAT scans, radiotherapy and lithotripsy.

• Hospitalisation / surgical procedures.


We already mentioned that our ex-pat clients, especially those who apply for a Non-lucrative visa, are obliged to have their own private medical care in Spain. 

• People who want to enjoy peace of mind in having available the best-associated means

DKV is also aimed at: 

• People who travel for personal or professional reasons and want the best healthcare worldwide. 

• Families with children under 15 years of age.

• Adults aged 30 to 45, workers with medium-high and high socio-economic status workers, who travel and have intensive social contact.

• Adults aged 45 to 65 years, who are concerned about their health and demand professionalism and specialists (dermatology, gynaecology, urology, etc.). 

• Retirees over 65 who need respect, peace of mind and friendly care.


I asked Josefine why should clients of Spanish Solutions pick DKV. 

• Price; Special packages for clients of Spanish Solutions; please ask us first and we’ll put you in touch with the local office. 

• Speed;  the average waiting time in the Spanish Social Security system for surgery is 121 days, and for a specialist, it’s 88 days.

• Close attention; each person can choose the time that best suits them, with no waiting lists. They also have access to a greater number of services that are not covered by public healthcare (dental coverage, physiotherapy, a second medical opinion, etc.).

• Time saving;  No need to go to your family doctor or the local medical centre to ask for an appointment with a specialist doctor.

• Choice; Spanish Solutions clients have the ability to choose the doctor they want to see within the DKV associated medical directory.

• Quality; medical directory with more than 40,000 professionals and 1,000 health centres.

(Teknon clinic, Quirón, Ruber, Clínica Universidad de Navarra (CUN), and more)

• Online procedures; so much work is done online like authorisations, contracting products, making appointments etc. 

• Comfort; a private room in the event of hospitalisation with a bed for a companion.

• Digital health; the possibility of having video consultations with specialists and general practitioners via telephone, chat or video call.

We have clients who have worked in the past with the DKV team on the Orihuela Costa and they are very impressed. The team there is efficient, the prices are good and the cover is exceptional. 

More importantly, many of our clients do not have any time to wait and if they are hoping to secure their residencia here in Spain, they absolutely need private medical care. Once again, this is a terrific option for those seeking non-lucrative visas in Spain.

Our advice is to talk to them, get a quote and make your mind up then.

They will meet you in our office or we can drop you up at theirs for the initial consultation, whatever you prefer.

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