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Investment Property in Spain – Bare Ownership

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Spain hasbeen for many years seen as a very solid property investment. From 1996 to 2007 the average house prices in Spain rose by 197%. Foreigners bought here to retire, to not miss the boom, to get a piece of that rental income, and of course to get themselves on the Spanish property ladder. What happened with Spanish house prices… Read more »

What Not to Do When Buying a Property in Spain

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Many articles on buying in Spain are full of the positives, enticing you to go ahead without forewarning of any potential problems. Buyers cannot expect in a different country, even if another European country, to have the same legal system and processes as their own country and it is essential to use a professional, experienced conveyancer in order to avoid… Read more »

What unexpected services do we provide?

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1) Legal – I wonder if sometimes people think we mainly deal with administrative bureaucracy such as sorting water, electric and paperwork problems. We do far more than that. We have had a lawyer working with us over ten years, and now have two lawyers working with us. Besides dealing with conveyancing (or the legal assistance when buying or selling… Read more »

What can go wrong if you do not have legal representation when buying or selling a property in Spain?

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I still am surprised when I read posts on facebook on the forums and someone asks for a recommendation for legal help in buying or selling a property and there is always one who says, do it yourself it is easy! Firstly, I am quite sure that most of the time that particular person has not actually done all the work… Read more »

Brexit For British Nationals Travelling and Living in Spain

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For those who live in Spain full time, if you are a resident, and on the Padron, have your Residencia and are in the Spanish social security system then there will be little change for those people. However, those people living here, and who are not Resident or Fiscally Resident in Spain as they have not really decided whether they… Read more »

Buying a Property in Spain – Some of the Differences of the Spanish Legal System

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People buying a property in Spain are often surprised at differences between Spain and other countries for buying property. Deposit Firstly in Spain, you will find you are asked for a deposit (generally 3,000€ in the La Zenia area) very early on. You should make sure that your legal representative obtains an extract from the Land Registry (nota simple), ideally before… Read more »

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