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1) Legal – I wonder if sometimes people think we mainly deal with administrative bureaucracy such as sorting water, electric and paperwork problems. We do far more than that. We have had a lawyer working with us over ten years, and now have two lawyers working with us. Besides dealing with conveyancing (or the legal assistance when buying or selling a property), we can also assist with many types of legal issues (including tax, family, civil, criminal and litigation). You can send us an email and we will check your case.

2) Traffic Matters – Over the years we have become fairly expert at traffic matters and work in conjunction with the Guardia Civil in Torrevieja helping them to translate traffic law from Spanish to English, and assisting them at every opportunity. Please do follow the N332 group on Facebook and see their webpage www.n332.es. Our traffic services include Matriculation of Vehicle (Change to Spanish plates), Transfer of Car Ownership, Car Notification, Driving Licence Change, Vehicle De-registration / Baja, Debt Check, Changing the Name on the Log Book, notifying a change of address to Traffic office (this is very important as it can cause a lot of problems if they have your wrong address), and renewing a driving licence. Our colleague Gema knows everything about Trafico.

3) Oddities – For example, we have arranged for the felling of a tree that was destroying the front wall of a house, we have removed a big sign on a public road that was destroying a property owner’s nice views, we have organised many fishing licences, and also we can organise No Parking Signs (Vados) for people. (Please remember though with these that if your property is on a private road within a community it is not possible to get a No Parking Sign). In addition, we have also been busy arranging to install a sport betting machine in a Bar! You can email Ana to find out more about these issues.

4) Assistance with issues with the police, from obtaining a criminal record certificate to translating at the police station after a robbery, representing someone who has had a denuncia (complaint or action) against them or has been a victim and had to make a denuncia. Please remember that if you make a denuncia against someone or for a robbery and it goes to Court in Spain, you will have to pay for any expenses in coming back to Spain for the Hearing. Check with Nicola if you have any enquiry about this.

5) Translations – Doing sworn translations for Court or Official documents, translations at the police station, hospital, for when people are getting married and need translated documents, or even for the local town hall.  We have been asked for marriage certificates and birth certificates to be translated. We also have had some Indian clients needing marriage and birth certificates sworn translated to apply for visas to the embassy when babies are born here and their parents have their Spanish birth certificate, they may need sworn translations of birth certificates to apply for passports in the UK. We can also do sworn translations of deed polls to prove a change of name. Sandra will help you with these.


6) For Residents – Applying for the Spanish equivalent of the European Health Insurance Card (EHIC) which is the Tarjeta Sanitario Europea (TSE), and also applying for an International Driving Licence for Spanish Residents who are going to be driving outside the EU. Of course, also helping Residents get their Residencias, SIP cards to become on the national health system and become fiscal residents too. You can contact Ana for this.

7) Tricky Administrative Problems – Oddly we have had a couple of instances whereby clients have come to us having bought a house a while ago using another firm, and they have now discovered that the garage or solarium they are using believing it is theirs, is actually on another separate deed and belongs to someone else.  This is because there may have been a mix-up and they each own the other people´s asset.   Unfortunately, these things do happen and we can help. Contact Amanda to enquire.

If you have a problem and hope we can help, please contact Nicola and we will do all we can to assist.

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