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Post-Covid real estate investing in Spain

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The following blog is inspired by an article that appeared in Bloomberg this week.  As the Spanish economy starts to reopen, flights are due to land here again from early June and there is a buzz in the Spanish air; investing in Spain? ordinary people, not just investors are looking for that.  What has changed in real estate investing in… Read more »

Investment Equity release

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Investment: Equity Release deal in Cabo Roig, Alicante. Residential Tabora, Cabo Roig, Alicante, Spain. Property for sale with 37.5% discount.  134,900 euro. Distressed sale: A quick deal required We have a seller looking for equity release, in exchange for a rent-free period of 5 years. (usufruct). He will vacate the property after that time and you will have a property. You… Read more »


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Bare Ownership Opportunity – An Investment deal in Hondon De Frailes, Alicante, Spain.  We have recently met a lovely lady who is selling her bare ownership property in Hondon de los Frailes.  Firstly, to clearly explain: the owner is not selling her property for you to live in. What is Being Sold? She is selling the property in a bare… Read more »

What happens to your home in Spain when entering a nursing home?

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Your heirs may not have any estate to enjoy in Spain after your days, when entering a nursing home. Do you think one day you may be entering a nursing home. First the good news: well, life expectancy in Spain is high. Chances are you’ll live well into your 80s, your 90s and possibly even longer. Maybe not even entering… Read more »

Investment Opportunities in Equity Release Spain.

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We have a number of elderly retirees who are keen to unlock the capital in their homes. They wish to stay there for life, giving investors an opportunity to buy a freehold property with amazing price reductions. Whilst savings are gaining no income in the bank, what can you do to get better returns on your investment? Here are some… Read more »

Spanish Solutions (Covid) news.

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Newsletter, The COVID Issue:  What a time to be alive. You haven’t heard enough about Coronavirus yet, so here we go.…Just a little more on what is “new” in Spain. Business people here and there are talking about the “new normal”. Bad news. There is no such thing. Nothing is normal about these times and what was “normal” only 4… Read more »

Retire in Spain, buy now, move when you are ready!

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An investment idea for people looking to retire in Spain in the future but who can invest in Spain now. Here in Spanish Solutions, we receive hundreds of requests and questions from our clients present and future. One theme that is really hot right now is about the possibility of buying a property in Spain now, but moving over to… Read more »

Equity Release and Bare Ownership

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We are posting this article on equity release and bare ownership for our partners Spanish Equity Release Solutions. They will offer you the perfect solution to unlock some of the valuable equity in your home. Are you asset-rich but cash-poor? Do you need access to available cash in later life ? If you have answered “yes” to these questions then… Read more »

Equity release on Spanish properties

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Spanish Solutions offer Equity release on Spanish properties for seniors in Spain. Many expats are struggling in Spain with the rising costs of living here, currency fluctuations, less spendability of their pensions or investments and in some cases family or medical issues too.  Bare Ownership or Home reversion plans are now much more common in spain with 2,000 deals completed… Read more »

Investment Property in Spain – Bare Ownership

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Spain hasbeen for many years seen as a very solid property investment. From 1996 to 2007 the average house prices in Spain rose by 197%. Foreigners bought here to retire, to not miss the boom, to get a piece of that rental income, and of course to get themselves on the Spanish property ladder. What happened with Spanish house prices… Read more »

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