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Evictions in Spain

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Evictions in Spain have had some legal changes over the past week, with new regulations. These entered into law in Spain on 23/12/20 and will apply until 9/5/21, which is currently the official end of the State of Alarm. Contrary to what many people think, there is not a speedy process for evictions in Spain. It can still take 6… Read more »

Problems When Inheriting a Spanish Property with Others

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Some issues that we see from time to time are problems when inheriting a Spanish property with others. This is quite common as Spanish property is owned in percentages thus if two partners or spouses. For example, leave their 50% shares to different people in their Wills. Family Problems When Inheriting a Spanish Property With Others We have seen many… Read more »

Criminal Actions For Debt Claims

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We will explain everything you need to know about criminal actions for debt claims. When you can you use criminal actions for debt claims? Usually in Spain the law states that claiming debts from someone or a company is a civil issue. This usually originates from a breach of contract. However, many people do not realise that there are incidences… Read more »

Arrested in Spain Or Had A Denuncía Against You?

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If you have been arrested in Spain or had a denuncía against you (police report), the chances are that you will need a lawyer later on, not just at the time. Arrested in Spain Firstly if you have been in a fight, or been arrested for any reason, you have the right to a lawyer. You will often find that… Read more »

Changing Separation or Divorce Agreements

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Recently we have had clients approach us regarding changing separation and divorce agreements. Post (or during) Covid-19, a lot of things have changed. Unfortunately the “new normal” means reduced circumstances for many. Perhaps a job loss, a reduction in salary, it can be all manner of things. Thus for a divorce or separation, what was agreed in the past regarding… Read more »

Divorcing in UK and Assets in Spain

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We have had a few enquiries recently about divorcing in the UK and assets in Spain. Mostly asking what are the rights of the spouse or partner with regard to a claim on the property. Jurisdiction The first thing we should explain that jurisdiction in divorces is where the people permanently reside and especially where children live. If you are… Read more »

Parts of Spain see a price increase during Coronavirus!

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Irish buyers are bullish about buying property in 2020. Two interesting surveys came out over the past two days and they are very positive! Let’s start in Ireland with the survey of almost 2,000 people, carried out by property website As a result of Covid-19, according to the recent survey, the large majority of prospective homebuyers are still planning… Read more »

Risk Free Investment in Spain

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We have investors who need a fantastic return and risk-free investment in Spain. Guaranteed property investment in Spain, unlike anything the market has ever seen before. We can now offer an “Equity Release” solution to people who need it in Spain and you can take advantage. The corona virus has opened the door to a wonderful investment opportunity all over… Read more »

Property inspections

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Please see below as we explain how we can introduce you to someone who deals with property inspections. Most of Spain is currently on ERTE. This is a temporary unemployment benefit which an economist explained to me yesterday is like putting the country into an induced coma. From which we will wake it up from once the conditions are right… Read more »

Legal Actions in Lockdown – Now is the time for a Win

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Legal Actions in lockdown in Spain (or during the State of Alarm) are all currently frozen. As most peope would imagine. So except for criminal or labour issues all the Courts are closed in Spain. You have a Legal Case in the Courts If you have a current legal case in the Courts, then after the recent Royal Decree this… Read more »

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