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Supreme Court Ruling on Stamp Duty

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A Supreme Court Ruling on stamp duty has now come into force. Many people approach us to do changes of ownership of property. Also known as dissolution of joint ownership, and division of joint tenancy. Following the Madrid Supreme Court Ruling of March 2019 stamp duty will now only be paid on the outgoing share in a property transfer. As… Read more »

How to get a Spanish Residency Card?

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There is a good deal of discussion in place regarding how to get the Spanish Residency card and Brexit. Googling the subject instantly shows matters are still in discussion and not at all clear, as agreements are being made between the UK, Spain and the EU on this and a number of points. Until there is clarification, we are not… Read more »

Do you need and how to make a Spanish Will?

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Anyone who has assets in Spain, in the form of property, bank accounts or any asset, should make a Will detailing exactly what they wish to happen in the event of death. Do you know how to make a Spanish Will? Otherwise, your beneficiaries will struggle with a lengthy and expensive process of getting their inheritance in Spain and the… Read more »

Legal Confidentiality

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Confidentiality is an important issue in our type of work. Every day, in the course of our work, clients need to disclose a great deal of information that is confidential. So what is our responsibility with regard to that information? Spanish lawyers cannot disclose information nor documents given to them by a client. Or course nor paperwork or correspondence with… Read more »

Change to Donation Taxes Update

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Over the past months, we have written many times about transferring  property in Spain from parent’s names to that of your children as a donation, or early inheritance. A number of people in the last year have donated their properties to their adult children, as the tax allowances in the Valencia region are currently very generous at 100,000€ tax free… Read more »

How to be a Real Estate Agent in Spain

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5 Ways Spanish Solutions Can Help Your Real Estate Business in Spain Dear Soon-to-be-better Spanish Estate Agent, Selling the benefits of a law firm in Spain is not very sexy, cool or exciting. Spanish Solutions is not any ordinary firm, We ́re sure about that. We can offer you five reasons why you will benefit from your clients working with… Read more »

Exequatur or Recognising a Foreign Judgement in Spain

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Recognising a foreign judgement in Spain or converting a foreign judgement in Spain is possibly one of the more unusual practices we do. It requires a barrister to be able to do this. It is not possible to have a Court Judgement from say the UK immediately recognised and enforced in Spain as how do the Spanish authorities know it… Read more »

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