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Handing The Keys Back To The Bank

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Do you own a property in Spain in negative equity? Maybe Spanish Solutions can help.  We can help surrender your property back to the bank. This email came from Bob, who we are assisting to get out of the debt he has with his Spanish bank. From: BobDeane@·······.com Sent: 27 August 2019 13:59 To: Equiries Subject: negative equity Hello, We… Read more »

Hello September

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Hello September, my favourite month in Spain. Yes, there is a flurry of activity at the beginning, back to schools, work, maybe Summer visitors still arriving but basically all is calm again and routine after Summer madness.  It is a time that we should feel refrehshed and just like at the start of a New Year, full of energy. You… Read more »

Steps involved in a Bare Ownership in Spain

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It is a form of equity release that is proving to be very popular in France, Italy and the UK. Now, bare ownership is becoming very popular with Spanish property owners too.  What is it?  With bare ownership, the property owner sells their home to an investor who will either be a family member, or a complete stranger. A family member… Read more »

Does Spanish Solutions have a lawyer?

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Clients often ask us who is the lawyer in Spanish Solutions. We had this question only this week. In fact we have two. Many of our existing clients know that Spanish Solutions has been associated with Pedro Molina and Molina Solicitors for over a decade now. In fact, we are very proud to be so closely tied to them as… Read more »

Real estate agents based abroad have more reasons to use Spanish Solutions.

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  . What having a legal collaborator in Spain can do for your Real Estate business.     Are you an estate agent based outside of Spain?  Finding the right law collaborators might be the most important thing you do for your company and your clients!    Many estate agent first begin their search for a collaborator in Spain by… Read more »

When Will Your Legal Case Expire?

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In Spain, there are different regional laws concerning the Civil Law. Therefore there is general Spanish law, and the law in our Region (Valencia). Here I explain the time limitation periods that generally apply under the Civil Code or Prescription (which means that the time limit can be stopped by a burofax or acknowledgement by the accused and then start again… Read more »

What is a Usufruct in Spain?

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Usufruct is, in a short easy to understand sentence, a legal right in Spain for someone to live in a house until their death. It has its origin in Roman law, coming from the Latin usus and fructus, meaning the use of, or enjoyment to any fruit (profit or yield) Thanks to Eva in Spanish Solutions for the explanation!! In… Read more »

Spanish Solutions

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Welcome to Spanish Solutions; English speaking law, tax and fiscal office in Spain. Spanish Solutions was formed on the Costa Blanca back in 2005 to fill a void. Then, a real need that clients had, was the lack of value-for-money, efficient, legal and taxation help in Spain. We provided it and cut through the bureaucracy for our clients. We assist… Read more »

Spain’s new data protection law

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Spanish Solutions work closely with our data protection partner, Audidat. We are happy to recommend them to any small or medium sized business in Spain who are wondering exactly what these new laws mean to them. Why do you need data protection consultants here in Spain? On Dec 6, 2018, the Organic Law 3/2018, was published by the Official Gazette… Read more »

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