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Fortuna Golf Court Resolution (No Win No Fee)

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Did you buy years ago in the town of For­tuna (Murcia) and the prop­er­ties were never com­pleted? Are you aware that an Alic­ante Court con­demned Banco Pop­u­lar to re­pay two mil­lion euros to more than 60 people who in­ves­ted in this development project? Would you like a chance to get back the money you paid, plus interest? Then please contact… Read more »

Supreme Court Tribunal Blow to Consumers Regarding Mortgage Clauses

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Consumers in Spain have suffered a blow as the Supreme Court changed the precedents of the High Courts and ruled that if there is an abusive clause relating to expenses in a mortgage, that the clients are responsible for payment of the stamp duty and half the Notary fees. Previously the Civil Chamber of the High Court had made a… Read more »

Shock Sunday Closing Zenia Boulevard, Habaneras and Supermarkets

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Many Shoppers got a shock this week finding that the Zenia Boulevard and Habaneras shops were now closed on a Sunday after years of being opened virtually every day. This is because in March 2015 a law was passed to limit Sunday opening and weekly opening hours, which would not come into effect until March 2018, which is why many… Read more »

Guidance for UK Nationals living in Spain Regarding Residency

Posted and filed under Brexit and Spain, In the Spanish News, Legal Issues in Spain, Paperwork (NIE, Residencia, Padron).

Over the past few months, we have seen a greatly increased number of enquiries for people wanting Residency in Spain (Residencia) and all the relevant offices locally currently have backlogs for Residency appointments. This article is to advise you that it is important that all clients who do not have Residencia and padron and need them should obtain them before 29th of… Read more »

Driving and Alchohol

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I read yesterday of a local man who said that he had been stopped by the police and ordered to appear at Court in the morning. He said that he had drunk two drinks over a course of several hours with food and had driven home. He was very surprised that he had been ordered to appear in Court (where he will… Read more »

New Law – Now Possible to Divorce At a Spanish Notary not in Court

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Please read carefully as this does not mean that you can enter a Notary and obtain a divorce without a solicitor being involved. However, this is a very positive new law. To explain, there has been a very recent development this year, after The Law of Voluntary Jurisdiction 15/2015 of 2nd July came into force on 23rd July 2015.  From… Read more »

Mortgage Floor Clauses Refunds

Posted and filed under Current Claims Possible to Win Back Funds, General Articles of Interest, In the Spanish News, Legal Issues in Spain.

What do you do when, after asking your bank for a refund because of a mortgage floor clause in your mortgage deed, they send you an email with, say, three possible options e.g. eliminate the floor clause, change the differential by 0.319% or refund you 4,200€? The normal customer has no idea whether the figures are correct or what to… Read more »

CASE STUDY – Client says they have No Deeds.

Posted and filed under Case Study, In the Spanish News, Legal Issues in Spain, Local area, No Win No Fee, Property in Spain.

Occasionally we have received an email from a client, who says something like “I bought a property off …… 12 years ago and I still have no title deeds. Please, can you help me.” This is a serious enquiry, which we have all too frequently, unfortunately. If we receive these enquiries we need to know if someone is in Spain… Read more »

Semana Santa

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Spain celebrates Easter Week much more than most European countries and Semana Santa is probably the most important festival on the Spanish calendar. From 25th March until 1st April 2018 Semana Santa will completely dominate Spain, so no matter where you are, there’ll be something to commemorate the Resurrection. Seville and Malaga are the main places to visit and watch… Read more »

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