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Moratorium on Rent for Businesses

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Tenants of commercial premises have until the 23rd of May 2020 to request a moratorium on rent for businesses. This was approved by Royal Decree-Law 15/2020 to support the economy and employment of Spain during the State of Alarm. This Royal Decree-Law 15/2020 was quite a complicated one covering measures of all kinds. Including a moratorium of rent for businesses…. Read more »

Initiatives to help Small Businesses in Spain

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Many small businesses in Spain are suffering from a short term cash flow crisis. The government is trying to help and has two new measures released this week. Loans for Small Businesses We spoke previously in a blog post about the 10-year loans at an interest rate of 0% for small to medium sized companies (small businesses and medium businesses)… Read more »

Assistance for the Self-Employed – Coronavirus

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Assistance for the self-employed or autónomos is now available in Spain. The coronavirus pandemic has caused devastation amongst the workforce and businesses and self.employed people alike. The government published a decree on the 14th March ordering many businesses to close. There was then a further law on the 30th March which restricted many more workers. As at now (7.4.20), all… Read more »

Dismissals During Coronavirus

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We are getting a huge amount of enquiries regarding dismissals during this stage of alarm due to Coronavirus. We can help both employers and employees depending on the issue. Dismissals Due to Coronavirus There are strict employment laws relating to dismissal in Spain. The law covers “force majeure”. This is when an event happens which is out of the control… Read more »

Illegal tourist properties – Valencian Government Inspections

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Illegal tourist properties – the Valencian Government continues to fight against these. Such as, they are now carrying out inspections on considerable amounts of tourist homes. There will be many more in 2020. Please take action so that they do not visit yours. Local Police are also collaborating in the detection of illegal tourist houses and apartments that could be… Read more »

“Gota Fría” – Insurance Claim. Please share. Urgent.

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This is just a quick post for all those affected by the terrible storms Thursday and Friday. You may have found out already that PROBABLY your home insurance IS NOT REALLY GOING TO COVER YOU. If this is the case, it is very important that you are aware and make others aware that the general Insurance Consortium (Consorcio de Seguros)… Read more »

Spain has new mortgage laws!

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It is also getting easier to get finance for qualified house buyers in Spain. Spanish Solutions work with a few terrific local Spanish banks to help to get mortgages in place for people looking to buy a property in Spain. We always, well almost always, recommend our clients to have their finances in place before they buy. The last thing… Read more »

Fortuna Golf Court Resolution (No Win No Fee)

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Did you buy years ago in the town of For­tuna (Murcia) and the prop­er­ties were never com­pleted? Are you aware that an Alic­ante Court con­demned Banco Pop­u­lar to re­pay two mil­lion euros to more than 60 people who in­ves­ted in this development project? Would you like a chance to get back the money you paid, plus interest? Then please contact… Read more »

Supreme Court Tribunal Blow to Consumers Regarding Mortgage Clauses

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Consumers in Spain have suffered a blow as the Supreme Court changed the precedents of the High Courts and ruled that if there is an abusive clause relating to expenses in a mortgage, that the clients are responsible for payment of the stamp duty and half the Notary fees. Previously the Civil Chamber of the High Court had made a… Read more »

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